An Overview of DAAD Helmut Schmidt MS Scholarship in Germany


DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programme Masters Scholarships to Visit in Germany

When it comes to studying abroad, the cost is one of the major deciding factors in terms of the country and school that is selected. Whether you want to study master’s or any other program, if the tuition fee is too high, it can be challenging to manage the entire cost of living and education. This is where the scholarship programs prove to be the saviors.

Germany is not only one of the most sought-after study destinations, but it also offers many master’s degree scholarships and other scholarships like the DAAD fellowship, and the DAAD scholarship for master’s. Moreover, Germany is one of the safest countries to study and live in as it is immigrant-friendly and offers a lot of benefits to international students in terms of funding and internship offers.


What is a DAAD Scholarship?

This scholarship is primarily meant for graduates, doctoral students, and postdocs. It is awarded for study and research visits to universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. There are some programs in which internships are also funded.


When Can One Apply for The DAAD Helmut Scholarship?

Online applications for DAAD Helmut Scholarships for the academic years 2023–2024 are now available for all subjects at all public German universities and research institutions.

For the DAAD Helmut Scholarships 2023, apply online right away!

One of the scholarships in Germany that cater to students from underdeveloped nations is the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship, which is offered by the DeutscherAkademischerAustauschdienst (DAAD).

Numerous students from developing nations submit applications for the DAAD scholarship and are awarded funding that gives them the chance to enroll in a number of German universities. These DAAD grants are given to students who wish to enroll in dual-language courses (German and English).


Helmut Schmidt Scholarships Coverage

Students selected for the Helmut Schmidt scholarship coverage are eligible to enroll in German universities. This scholarship comes with a monthly allowance that proves to be a big help in covering your day-to-day expenses. Other fantastic benefits that this scholarship provides are the provision for health allowance and travel stipends.

Here is a detailed list of the benefits provided by the DAAD Helmut scholarship 2023:

  • Travel allowance
  • Scholarship of monthly 850 Euros for selected master’s programs at German institutions of higher education
  • Health insurance
  • Study and research subsidy
  • Monthly rent subsidy where applicable
  • Allowance for spouse and children where applicable
  • Six months German language course, beginning in April 2023 and ending in September 2023.

This language course is available at some of the selected institutes in Germany and is usually not at the universities of the selected master’s programs. Please note that the language course is mandatory for those who also attend a master’s course taught in English.

The DAAD Helmut-Schmidt program is also known as Public Policy and Good Governance and supports future leaders from developing countries who intend to promote democracy and social justice in their home countries. It is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and allows selected candidates to pursue programs relevant to the social, political, and economic development in the students’ countries of origin. In the view of the principles of Good Governance, highly qualified graduates with a first academic degree get educated in political science, law, economics, and administration and are thus prepared for future leadership positions in their home countries.

It offers a practice-oriented course and prepares the students for responsible positions in or for their regions of origin, thereby contributing to establishing economic and social forms that are democratic in nature and are designed to end social inequalities.


What are The Selection Criteria for The Helmut Schmidt Scholarship?

  • Political and social engagement
  • Language skills (please note that each university will have a different requirement in terms of language proficiency)
  • Expected benefit upon returning to the home country or region
  • An academic degree with above-average results
  • Compelling description of the subject-related and personal motivation for studying in German.


What is The Application Process for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship?

First and foremost, the DAAD Helmut Scholarship Applications must be submitted in either German or English.

You should indicate that you are applying for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt program, that is, Master’s scholarship for Public Policy and Good Governance.

You can submit your application for up to two master’s courses.

Fill in the DAAD Application form for Research Grants and Study Scholarships (annex 2) only once and clearly indicate which study course is your first priority and which one is the second priority.

Write a single letter of motivation that justifies your choice of subjects, first and second-priority courses. It should be concise and not digress from the main objective.

Send the DAAD scholarship form together with the letter of motivation accompanied by the necessary documents to the two universities of your choice.

International candidates can continue to apply for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship program 2023 until July 30, 2023.

Thus, if you are planning to study a graduate or higher degree course in Germany, and are looking for the right scholarship program, then the DAAD master’s scholarship is the right one for you. Start early with the application process so that you have ample time to collect all the required documents.

It is recommended that you apply soon after the application process opens so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail or requirement. Start early and ensure you fill in the application correctly, and always double-check before submitting. Once you are selected, you will have a rich experience studying and living in Germany.


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Who is eligible for the DAAD scholarship?

The minimum requirement to apply for this scholarship is an IELTS (band 6) certificate or TOEFL (minimum score of 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, and 80 internet-based).

Is it difficult to get a DAAD scholarship?

You need to have a bachelor’s degree, or you should be in the final year of your program. There is no upper age limit. However, there may be a maximum time between finishing your bachelor’s degree and taking up a DAAD grant.

Is there an interview for DAAD?

If you are successful in the first round of application, then you will be invited to the interview round.

Is the DAAD scholarship fully funded?

Yes. The DAAD Germany Scholarship 2023 for masters and Ph.D. is a fully funded scholarship for international students in Germany.

How much will the DAAD scholarship pay me per month?

You may get up to 850 Euros per month for select master’s program in German institutes of higher education with the DAAD scholarship program.

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