All You Need to Know About the GRE Exam Fee in India


GRE Registration

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is owned by ETS (Educational Testing Services). Prospective business school candidates from all around the world who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree or a doctoral degree take the GRE General Test. Apart from the GRE General Test, ETS also makes GRE Subject tests.

Though ETS does not mention any qualification required to appear for the GRE Exam. Individuals are expected to have a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

The first step is to create an ETS account on the official website https://www.ets.org/mygre. Once the account is created, one must select the type of exam- GRE general or GRE subject test. An individual also needs to choose to take the test either from the test center or at home. Further, an individual needs to select a date and the nearest test center. Some other details need to be filled and registration can be completed by paying the fee.


GRE Test Centers in India

The GRE test is conducted mainly by Prometric and some other independent entities. There are different cities in which the test is administered.

Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, New Delhi, Cochin, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Gandhinagar, Gurgaon, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nashi, Nizamabad, Patna, Pune, Trivandrum, Vadodara, and Vijayawada.


GRE Examination Fee in India

The GRE Exam fee differs from country to country. The GRE exam fee in India is $213. Unlike the fee of the GRE General test which varies, the fee of the GRE subject test is the same worldwide and is $150.


Reschedule the GRE Test Registration

Rescheduling your GRE General Test registration varies depending on from which country an individual is taking the test and whether it is taken from home or at the center. If in case one wants to reschedule the test or change the test center, then he/she must bear some cost associated with it. The rescheduling cost is $53.90 in China and $50 for the rest of the world. The cost of changing the GRE test center is $50.

Mostly, one can reschedule the test online through an ETS account. GRE general test must be rescheduled no later than four days before the test date. It is important to provide an appointment confirmation number and the full name which was used to make an appointment when rescheduling.


Canceling the GRE Test Registration

If an individual cancels the GRE test no later than four days before the test date, the candidate will receive a refund equivalent to half of the original fee. It must be noted that the amount is not refundable in cash. Rather, it is credited to the source account of the individual through which the payment was made.


GRE Subject Test

The GRE subject test fee in India is US$ 150. If one is willing to take more than one subject test, one should pay separately for each of the subject tests. If an individual registers for a particular subject test and then wishes to change the subject, then he/she must bear the cost of changing the subject which is equivalent to US$50.


GRE Subject Test Rescheduling

The Subject Test must be rescheduled no later than four days before the test date, or else the test fee will be forfeited. The fee to reschedule your test registration is US$50. Rescheduling is permitted in the same testing year. Also, it should be noted that Testing fees and registrations are not exchangeable between the GRE Subject Tests and the GRE General Test.

Rescheduling can happen in two ways. One way to reschedule is through the ETS account and the other way is to contact GRE Services by phone, fax, or mail.


Canceling the GRE Subject Test

The process of canceling is the same for both the GRE general test and the GRE subject test.

Just like the GRE general test, if an individual cancels the GRE subject test no later than four days before the test date, the candidate will receive a refund equivalent to half of the original fee. It must be noted that the amount is not refundable in cash. Rather, it is credited to the source account of the individual through which the payment was made.


Changing the Test Center

The fee to change your test center is US$50. Test center changes cannot be guaranteed but will be made based on the availability.

One can report to the preferred test center on the test day with the confirmation email. If the test center has availability and can accommodate a candidate, then there will be no additional charges.


Cost Associated with Other Services

Other Services  Charges
Additional score report $27
Score review for analytical measure $60
Question answer review service $50


GRE Fee Reduction Program

The GRE Fee reduction program is designed by ETS for individuals who can demonstrate financial need, the ones who are unemployed and receive unemployment compensation, and for national programs that work with underrepresented groups.

A GRE Fee Reduction Voucher can be used for one GRE General Test and/or one GRE Subject Test. Voucher users pay 50% of the regular test fee. Fee Reduction Vouchers cannot be combined with other offers.

All test takers who receive a GRE General Test Fee Reduction voucher will also receive free access to the following GRE test preparation materials worth $100 value Power Plus Online Practice Test 1 and online practice test 2. Also, ScoreItNow Online Writing Practice.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 What days and times are available for at-home testing?

Test times are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Appointments may be available as early as 24 hours after an individual registers.

Ques.2 What if I need to change the date or location of my test?

An individual can change the date and location by rescheduling or cancelling. Rescheduling/Cancellation costs apply.

Ques.3 Can I reschedule my test from a test center to an at-home test or vice versa?

Yes, one can. This can be done through the ETS account. There is a cost attached.

Ques.4 What is the price of the GRE General Test?

The General GRE test costs $213 in India.

Ques.5 Can I exchange testing fees and registrations between the GRE Subject Tests and the GRE General Test?

No, it cannot be exchanged.


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