5 Habits That Will Result In Success on the GRE

Being the most widely approved admission test for graduate schools around the globe – the GRE exam is a stepping-stone towards the dreams of countless students alike. The exam tests a student’s skills in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning – all of which are built over a period of time. Therefore, during the GRE preparation, it is not only important to acclimatize yourself with the exam pattern but also develop the core skills required to ace it.

As it takes time to develop these skills, you must start your GRE preparation by forming some habits that can prove to be very beneficial. The famous saying ‘we are what we repeatedly do’, proves to be very helpful in this case. Incorporating the following 5 habits in your GRE preparation schedule can help you foster all the skills required to sail through the exam.

1. Take Mock GRE Tests

No matter how well you prepare yourself for the GRE exam, there are still chances that you’ll find the exam very challenging if you haven’t taken enough practice tests. Preparing for the GRE exam isn’t just about developing skills or completing the GRE course. Rather, a huge part is about how you ‘apply’ all that you’ve learned. For this, you must give ample mock GRE tests.

You should aim to give at least one mock GRE test per week. This can be done by enrolling for GRE test series. The importance of giving these mocks can’t be stressed enough – they familiarize you with the GRE exam pattern, point out your weak areas, develop the stamina to maintain focus till the end and help you develop strategies to tackle it. Don’t forget to analyze the mock GRE test after you’ve completed it.

2. The Habit of Reading Every Day

Reading as a habit has life-long benefits. While in some people it is ingrained since a small age, others develop it in a very short time. The GRE test has entire sections like the GRE reading comprehension that judge whether or not you can read and infer well from a given passage.

You can begin by reading for just 20 minutes every day, and then increase it to 30 or 40 minutes of uninterrupted reading. Also, make sure that you read from a plethora of topics like history, technology, current affairs, etc. taken from trustworthy sources (preferably GRE material).

3. Practice Every Single Day

A habit is called a habit because it is performed regularly. To ace the GRE test, you must develop the habit of devoting time to GRE preparation every day. Some students have the tendency to study for two days and then take a break on the third day. This not only breaks the flow of preparation but also is a setback in developing the required skills.

You must make sure that you study a part of the GRE course each day. Whether it is preparing for the GRE quant section or giving GRE test series or even just reading, ensure that you prepare consistently for it.

4. Analyze and Strengthen Your Weak Areas

One major purpose of giving regular mock GRE tests is to identify your weak areas and strengthen them. A lot of times, students are in the habit of checking their marks in the mock tests and then moving on to the next thing. This makes the entire purpose of giving the mock GRE test futile.

You must build the habit of spending about an hour to analyze how you did in the mock GRE test. This includes identifying your weak and strong areas, finding where you spent more time and developing a strategy that will work best for you. Even while practising the GRE course, you must keep analyzing simultaneously whether you’re improving or not.

5. Build the Strength of Your Mind

During your GRE preparation, it is vital that you take care of your body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The GRE exam doesn’t only test your knowledge but also how you keep your mind calm and maintain stamina until the end of the paper.

Developing healthy eating habits and some regular exercise can give you an edge and ensure an all-round preparation for the exam. Keep a healthy snack like sprouts or fruits while you sit to prepare so that it keeps your mind fresh. Make sure that you drink plenty of water.

Meditating in the morning/evening, or playing a sport regularly can help in improving the strength of your mind. It also keeps you focused during your GRE preparation and exam time.

The GRE exam requires you to put consistent efforts in your preparation and improve each day. Begin your journey of GRE preparation with Manya-The Princeton Review by incorporating these habits that will help you get your desired score in the test.

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