5 Great TOEFL Preparation Strategies

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL exam is one of the most broadly accepted English Language proficiency tests worldwide. It is generally taken by the aspirants whose native language is not English. TOEFL test dates for 2019 are already out and it is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) and it measures a candidate’s ability to comprehend the English language and use the same at a university level. It assesses the candidates’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for performing various academic tasks based on English.

Taking up the TOEFL test and cracking the same is quite a stressful event. The TOEFL syllabus is vast and the candidates need to acquire a specific score for which they are supposed to prepare for before months of giving the exam! And if you have been preparing for TOEFL, you might have not slept properly for months now. So, it’s imperative to reduce the stress level and rather concentrate on these top 5 tried and tested rules to ensure that your TOEFL preparation is on track. Let’s have a look at what they are:

1. Practice Effective Note-Taking


During the test, you will need to listen to a few audio clips which will assess your English listening & understanding skills, as per the TOEFL test pattern. After listening to the same, you will need to answer the questions by either speaking or writing about the subject from the audio clip. So, in order to clear this round effectively, you need to practice note-taking, either in English or your native language. It is best to practice both and your goal should be to learn taking notes in real-time, without giving anything and missing that the clip is saying. Practice by listening to different audio clips of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. Take notes from them by paying attention to the important points.

2. Focus on Your Vocabulary and Grammar


The TOEFL test pattern is based on testing your understanding of the English language. So, in order to be able to master any language, one needs to have a good hold in its vocabulary. Therefore, you need to focus well on your English vocabulary in order to do well in the test. Also, vocabulary alone cannot make any sense until and unless you connect it with proper grammar. Mastering these two won’t be difficult if you start practising early. First, learn a new word every single day and create different sentences on your own with them. Once you start doing this, the new words will become a part of your life, your active vocabulary. Try to include these words while writing or speaking. One small tip: during the test, avoid using words or structures which you aren’t sure of.

3. Make Reading a Habit


Reading is an excellent way of making vocabulary strong and even native English speakers make it a point to read in order to build a good vocabulary. So, the more you read, the more you will get exposed to the concepts of the language. You will be able to build effective reading comprehension skills. Hence, read closely and broadly in English on the subjects which you are absolutely comfortable with. And once it becomes a habit, you will see how easy it gets for you to comprehend the language on your TOEFL test paper.

4. Practice Typing, and then Practice Some More of It


The writing part of the TOEFL test will need you to type all your answers on a computer with a QWERTY keypad. So, in case you struggle to type on a desktop, you need to practice doing the same or else you will spend all the allotted time struggling with the keys! Although, it might seem to be a simple thing to do, a lot of people actually forget to prepare for the same and hence, end up losing a lot of minutes in this particular section itself. Make sure that you practice typing as quickly as possible for it will save you a lot of minutes which you can dedicate to the other sections.

5. Take Up TOEFL Sample Test


Last but not least, while preparing for TOEFL, you need to aim for a specific score. And while you are on it, you need to take up periodic sample tests in order to understand where exactly you are lacking or what you actually need to improve in order to score high. Such mock tests will help you to understand the reality of a TOEFL test, the kind of questions it may have, the constraints that you might face on the test day and so on. You can get several free TOEFL practice test online. Use them to track your overall progress.

So, aren’t you relaxed already? We are hopeful that all these tips will definitely come in handy while you prepare for your test. And if you need some more information regarding the much-coveted TOEFL exams, Manya-The Princeton Review can definitely help you out. We are one of the most sought-after test prep institutes and hence, we’ll make sure that you find it absolutely easy to sit for the TOEFL test and come out with flying colours.

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