5 Essential SAT Writing Tips


SAT is a standardized test widely used for Undergrad admissions in the United States and a few other countries. SAT score is a key component in the application process for many colleges. The purpose is to measure the college readiness of the students and to measure all students under one roof.

The last section of the SAT exam is the Essay. If you have gone through the SAT syllabus, you would have realized that the Essay is an “optional one”. However, the SAT courses that you would have referred to would suggest that you should take this section as there are certain obvious advantages.

The SAT Essay section involves reading a 650-750 words long text (either a speech or a written article) and analyzing the author’s / speaker’s usage of rhetorical devices. Some of the colleges require the essay scores: few others recommend it, while some colleges do not require it. Taking up the essays opens up the horizons for the student as the options for the number of colleges to apply, increase. Taking the essay is one way of showing the colleges the abilities to read, analyze, and write, which are often tested at college levels.

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The topics that appear on the test are written for a broad audience. There is no need for having prior knowledge about the topic. The essay is scored in three areas on a scale of 2-8.

  • Reading – This score shows how well you have understood the essay prompt.
  • Analysis – This score shows how well you have explained, how the author builds an argument to persuade the reader.
  • Writing – This score shows your effective usage of language.

The SAT online classes or physical sessions you will undergo should guide you in all three sections.


A few tips to improve the scores on the Essay Section:


Give a Clear Main Claim

Give a Clear Main Claim

The essay rubrics clearly mention the use of a precise central claim which means identifying the author’s main idea and the elements used to create a persuasive point. The prompt after the text clearly states the subject of the text. Read it before you work through the speech/article. This will give a clear idea about what elements to look for in the argument. As you read, start annotating the points you will discuss in the essay.


Read to Understand

Read to Understand

Make yourself familiar with the common rhetorical devices that the authors/ speaker often use. This includes appeals to emotion, statistics, personal anecdotes, irony, etc.
After identifying the main idea, start looking for the elements, the author/speaker has used in the text to build the argument. The facts represented in the essay must be accurate.


Analyze the Elements

As insisted in the Essay rubrics make it a point to explain the importance of the elements rather than just asserting them. Summarizing the persuasive elements will not be sufficient but you should explain how these elements would appeal to the audience.


Effective Writing

Effective Writing

Along with the body paragraphs, it is necessary to have a clear introduction and conclusion. It is mandatory to use formal language. Pronouns such as I and you should be avoided. The handwriting should be legible or it might cost marks.




Use the practice essay prompts and time yourself while writing the essay. Allot time for reading, writing, and proofreading.  The trainer from your SAT Online coaching you have chosen should evaluate your essays just like how they evaluate the remaining sections and give feedback.

Remember you are as good as the materials and the coaching you use.

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