10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Japan


With Japan being so advanced in technology it is a wonder they are so true to their amazing culture and who wouldn’t want to study in such a country. There are plenty of reasons for one to go and study in universities in Japan one of them being the high-quality education Japan has to offer. Japan is one of the best places for students that want to go abroad to study as they could see and experience a whole new culture and it seems like a whole new side of life.

Japan is very rich in culture and is very fascinating and is an excellent place for students that want to expand their horizons and experience something new every day with a little bit of adventure is learning Japanese which in itself can be tricky but would be really amazing too. In recent years the number of international students in Japan has increased at a very high rate as they offer many opportunities like scholarships and affordable education and those who would want to miss it. So let’s get on with the top 10 reasons why you should study in Japan.


1. Education of Highest Quality

Education of Highest Quality

Japan is famous for the quality of education they provide. The universities in Japan are among the top universities in the world and to add the cherry on the top the cost is not very high as studying here is very affordable for international students and the best thing is even after being so affordable they do not compromise in the quality of education they provide. Students from all over the world apply to study in Japan for this reason alone. To give you more confidence in their education system Japan have the highest number of Nobel Prize winner in Asia.


2. Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Japan is among one of the biggest economies in the world which makes it a very active economy that favor the students and not just the local students but the international students studying in Japan too. Getting a job in Japan is comparatively easy than in any other country. They even have very welcoming policies for international students, unlike any other country that limit the number of years they can stay back after completing their education and international students in Japan can renew their work visas as many times as they want without having any trouble in the process.


3. Cost of Education and Scholarships

Cost of Education and Scholarships

Japan even after offering such high standards in education does not cost as much as you would think. Studying in Japan for international students is comparatively very affordable as to other countries. If your aim is to get a good degree from some of the world’s most famous and prestigious universities and you do not have a considerably large budget then this is the place you were looking for. It does not end here they even provide very generous scholarships opportunities to deserving students which is also never a bad thing for a student.


4. Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Parents are often concerned about their child’s safety but they need not worry if you are studying in Japan as it is considered one of the safest countries in the world even though people know kung fu over there. The crime rate in Japan is very low which is a very positive thing to consider. According to World Health Organisation, Japanese people have the longest life expectancy thanks to their amazing and advanced medical system which international students would have complete access to at a very affordable national health insurance system they have over there.

5. Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

While pursuing your desired course in Japan students have the excellent opportunity to learn Japanese. Though there are many universities offering courses and programs in the English language there are still the majority of the courses and programs that are taught in Japanese. Japanese being a very complex language in itself it can be a bit tiresome to learn Japanese and then start your desired course but it is worth it as learning Japanese opens up a whole new door for you in Japan if you are an international student and looking for a placement as they constantly require new talent in their economy that can work in their company and speak in their tongue without getting confused what is going around among them and it is never a bad thing to learn another language and can look really amazing on your resume.


6. Mouth-Watering Food

Mouth-Watering Food

With sushi on a roll, these days in many countries trust me it would taste a whole lot better in Japan. With a taste in Japanese cuisine rising among people what better place could be to taste it than Japan itself. Each and every region in Japan have their own special dishes and delicacies which will never be enough for a foodie. With ramen being the most common dish to be eaten among students Japanese offers the finest of it so no student will ever go hungry and will be able to expand their taste buds as well. And as for vegan, they got that covered too.


7. Education of Mind and Body

Education of Mind and Body

Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Flower arrangements, Anime, and Not theatre are some of the practices they follow to train their body with their mind. Japanese people consider that while training the mind with education and other things it is important that the body is also trained with it so that they can be in complete harmony with one another. Who can argue with them about their methods after all they are considered the healthiest population of all.


8. Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture

Culture in Japan continues to fascinate many people around the world. It is purely remarkable that they work so hard in preserving their historical sites and cultural heritage which is often forgotten in many places in this fast-paced world. Experiencing their culture for international students can be a very good thing as it would teach them on being more open and self-reliant and would help them to appreciate the natural beauty around them rather than ignoring it by using gadgets.


9. The Circles

The Circles

Japanese schools have a culture of extracurriculars called “Circles”. These are groups of students formed by a common interest. So for an international student studying in Japan, it would be very easy to find people with the same interest as their own and as accepting the Japanese people are they won’t have a problem blending right in and making new friends.


10. Clean Environment

Clean Environment

Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world and it is quite evident too as you set a foot in Japan. The amount of pollution in Japan is quite low which helps to have a healthy life and is also quite nice to look at the sky and being able to see the stars without the air pollution hindering the view maybe along with your education you would be able to learn to recognize a few constellations too.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can I apply for a permanent residency in Japan?

Yes, international students after completing their graduation can apply for permanent residency in Japan.

Q2. Is it expensive to study in Japan?

No, studying in Japan for international students is quite affordable as compared to other countries.

Q3. Are there any scholarships available in Japan?

Yes, there are plenty of generous scholarships available in Japan.


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