Benefits of SAT Online Coaching


Online education started in the second half of the 20th century. What started as classes on television has grown in leaps and bounds. The 21st century has seen a vast growth of this phenomenon, especially during this pandemic time. Online degrees were common, but now the entire teaching process be it schooling or test prep has started happening online courtesy the internet availability. The online SAT prep is no different.

Let us look at the criteria that help you decide your SAT preparation classes:

  • SAT Score Target – Based on the course you prefer to take in college, you must set a target for the SAT scores. See that you are scoring more than the 50th percentile requirement of the college. Taking an SAT sample paper will help you understand where you stand now and how much you should work to reach the required scores. You should go for a course that will ensure a good score.
  • Prep Materials and Practice Tests – The course should provide you with materials that cover all the concepts tested on the SAT. The practice drills and the SAT series should be at least on par with the actual SAT. The questions on the SAT are not tough but tricky. So practicing the harder questions alone will not ensure a good score.
  • Mode of Teaching – Some of you might prepare to attend the SAT preparation in a group while others might opt for specialized individual sessions. Both these can happen either online or offline. Cost-effectiveness could be a factor, but should not hinder you from getting the best coaching.
  • Pedagogy, Techniques, and Trainers – The course should teach you effective techniques to handle the SAT. Along with the concepts, the course should teach you to manage the timing during the test. The trainers’ role does not end with teaching. They should also help you review the tests, identify your weaknesses, and show ways to improve your scores. The SAT is not a short-term business, instead, it is an extended program and your trainers should act as an anchor to help you keep focused on the preparation.


What are the Advantages of Choosing an SAT Online Coaching?

Advantages SAT Online Coaching

  • Convenience – The first and the foremost advantage is you can learn sitting at your home. There are no hassles of traffic jams, exhaustion, or weather playing truant. Also, you save commuting time. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and study materials. No traveling also means you can have a flexible schedule.
  • Safety – Another major criterion is the safety of the students. Though the pandemic has abated, still people would like to maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact as much as possible. Online classes ensure the same.
  • Technological Advancement – In earlier days, online classes would mean jarring videos and lengthy documentation. The development of whiteboards has made the delivery effective. Screen sharing of materials is also possible. These lead to increased interactivity. Recordings of the classes are made available. In case, the student misses a class or wants to do a recap, the recordings will be available at their disposal. Communication can happen via audio or text.
  • Increased Student Interaction – One advantage of online classes is that the students need not face their peers. Hence, they easily lose their inhibitions and start interacting in the class. Other features like online polling also increase class interaction.
  • Access to Good Instructors – Geographical locations need not be an obstacle while getting trained for SAT. You may be in your hometown or a far-flung village, yet you can get access to the best of the SAT prep courses online.
  • Updated Materials – Printed materials are difficult to be updated. On the other hand, online materials can be easily edited and updated. This gives the student easy access to the latest test content.

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A Few Points to Ponder Over the Online SAT Prep:

Online SAT Prep

  • Bad internet connection or technical issues can lead to difficulties in delivering the sessions. Discontinuity in the sessions can affect the effectiveness of learning.
  • The student may miss the physical presence of the trainer. This may lead to a laid-back attitude from the student’s side while making notes or applying the techniques. Distractions in the form of social media are very common during the sessions.
  • SAT is at the end of the day a paper-pencil test. Though the coaching can happen online, the practice should be done with a physical copy of the test.
    Though there are some disadvantages to this form of learning, we need to accept the fact that online coaching for SAT is here to stay.


A Few Tips on How to Prepare for and Ace the SAT:

How to Prepare for SAT

  1. Familiarize yourself with the SAT syllabus.
  2. Know the SAT paper pattern.


  • Decide on the order in which you will work with the passages.
  • Learn the different types of questions that you will see in the test and how to tackle them.
  • Have a basic approach that will work for all the genres.
  • While working with the dual passages, identify the purpose of both the passages before answering questions that ask about both the passages.
  • Read the charts or tables before working on questions based on them.
  • Familiarize yourself with the trap answers that are common on the SAT.
  • Practice with an eye on timings.
  • Vocabulary may not be tested on the SAT, but whenever you come across new terms, learn them.
  • It does not hurt to familiarize yourself with US history if you are not aware of it already.

Writing & Language:

  • Learn the grammar rules that are tested on the SAT. This will ensure accuracy and also help you complete the Standard English Conventions. questions faster.
  • For the Expression of Ideas, learn how to handle each of these question types.
  • Timing is of major concern in this section. Complete the test even if you are not able to work with every question.


  • Learn how to convert word problems into mathematical expressions.
  • Decide on when to use the calculator. Too little or too much usage can be detrimental.
  • Learn the grid in rules.
  • Though the SAT gives you some of the formulae that may not be sufficient. Make a cheat sheet of the important formulae and techniques.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques. 1 What to do on the days before the test?

  • Constant practice and preparation for the test should happen.
  • Once you decide on the test date, book it as early as possible when the slots are available.
  • Take regular tests and review them ruthlessly. Learn from the mistakes and practice accordingly.

Ques. 2 What to do on the day before the test?

  • Do not learn anything new on the day before the test.
  • Warm-up with a few drills during the first half of the day.
  • Unwind yourself by watching TV or playing games.
  • Keep your photo ID, a printout of the confirmation email, pencils, eraser, and sharpeners ready.
  • Have a good sleep.

Ques. 3 What to do on the test day morning?

  • Have a good breakfast.
  • Reach the test center on time.
  • Follow the covid precautionary rules prescribed by the College Board and the test center.
  • If you are not feeling well, you can postpone your test without any charges.

Ques.4 What to do during the test?

  • Don’t panic while taking the test.
  • Maximize your performance by working on what you know well first.
  • As there is no negative marking, complete the test by guessing on questions you could not complete.
  • Use the breaks wisely. Do not discuss the questions with your peers or friends.


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