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Register for the GMAT Test

How do I register myself for the test?

If you have been preparing for the GMAT and intend to take the test soon, you must register to take the GMAT in advance either online or by phone, fax, or email. Walk-in registration at test centers is not allowed.


Registering online is the most popular and handy way of applying for the GMAT.

Step 1: Create an Account at

You may create an account by going to Be sure that your name, date of birth, location of citizenship, and gender EXACTLY match with the information on the identification you will present at the test center.

Remember that in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan the only acceptable document for identification is a valid Passport.

(Note: In Singapore, South Korea, Ghana, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Japan, Nigeria, and Taiwan also the only acceptable document for identification is a valid Passport.)

Step 2: Schedule your exam and Find a Test Centre

Once you have created the account, register for the GMAT exam. Schedule your exam and look for test centre(s) near your place. You can select up to three test centers to compare availability and then choose your appointment preference. There are two available preferences – Appointments on or around a particular date and the next available appointment. After selecting date and time, complete the order.

Note that you can book a test date only six months before the test date. It is advisable to book early if you want to take the test during the peak season.

Step 3: Confirm Exam Details

Confirm personal information like name, date of birth, and citizenship. It must exactly match your identification (not expired).

Step 4: Pay for your Exam

Agree to policies and make payment of USD 250 in order to complete the registration. In India, credit card is the only mode of payment. That’s it! You are done!

You’ll get an email confirming your GMAT appointment, and you can also see the confirmation in your account.


  1. Test takers between the ages of 13 and 18 years old and who desire to take the Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®) need to fill the GMAT parental consent form. This form can be downloaded by going to the link download the GMAT parental consent form.

Send this form via email to:

  1. Read the GMAT Handbook carefully.
  2. You may request reasonable testing accommodations if you have a disability. You must be approved for any accommodations before you schedule your exam, and you must follow any special registration instructions you receive.
  3. You will get three reminders to check the data for accuracy after making the online registration. If you want to make any change, you can do so by calling Customer Service at one of the numbers available on A fee of $10 will be charged for each phone call.