GMAT Mock Tests

What are GMAT Mock Tests?

The GMAT Mock Tests are designed to help you get a feel of the actual test. This will help you deal with the questions on the actual test day and will help you achieve your target score.

Let us understand how?

Get the feel of the actual test: Practicing our GMAT mock tests will help you understand the unique test format of this Computer-Adaptive Test. This is our initiative to boost your confidence by making you familiar with the test structure and format. This will enable you to practice questions accordingly keeping your desired score in mind.

Learn what to expect on the test: Taking the online practice test within a defined time will enable you to understand why GMAT is a time constraint test? The mock test will help you experience each section of the test including Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning helping you to pace yourself throughout the exam.


Frequently asked questions:

1. Do you use official GMAT questions?

We at Manya-The Princeton Review definitely follow the official GMAT questions; however, we have a series of mock tests created by our master trainers to help you practice more. This will further, help you to find out your strengths and weakness on the subject enabling you to complete the test within a defined time.

2. How close are these practice tests in comparison to the real GMAT tests?

These tests are designed to simulate the official GMAT tests as closely as possible. Our mock tests are measured on multiple attributes that go far deeper than simply easy, medium and hard.

3. Will I get these practice tests?

Yes, you will get a series of practice tests with your study package.

4. How can I enrol with Manya?

If you wish to enrol with us, click here. You can also visit our office.

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