Things you must know before taking the IELTS

About-IELTS-PreparationIELTS, the International English Language Testing System consists of four sections; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The test is considered ideal for people who are willing to study or work in the English speaking countries. Those candidates who are applying to study in universities and colleges abroad are required to take the test. Before taking the IELTS here are some important things you must know:

1. Why should you take IELTS?

IELTS is the top preferred English proficiency test and is applicable for the universities and colleges of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain, and South Africa and most of the international schools in the USA. Also, before applying for a work visa abroad you need to score required bands on the test. Therefore, IELTS plays an important role if you want to study and work abroad.

2.  What is the required band score?

The IELTS score is given in the form of bands raging on the scale of 1 to 9 for each section. The average score of the four sections determines your overall band score. Before applying to work in a country or applying to a college or university the candidate must know band score required by each of them.

IELTS-Preparation3.  How should you prepare for IELTS?

The best way to prepare for the IELTS is practicing the four sections; Reading, Speaking, Writing and listening sections, regularly. It is recommended to take the online free test practice sessions to enhance the skills in all the four sections.

Nowadays, there are many apps available that help in enhancing the English language skills which can help you enhance listening and reading skills. Also, focusing on improving the vocabulary and remember knowing the correct spelling is important.

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