Ready for a Career Change? How an MBA Degree Could Help


If you are pursuing an MBA with a motive to accelerate your career growth, then you are not alone. For the majority of professionals, MBA is a logical step toward a better career path. The program will offer you many different possibilities and can be a launching pad for a complete career change. Let’s talk about “how” an MBA can lead to a career change.


1. How an MBA Helps Find a Passion

1. How an MBA Helps Find a Passion

Many MBA graduates have agreed, because of the practical learning that the curriculum offers, they gain more subject knowledge than they can ever gain and not only does it stick to the knowledge of one particular domain but instead teach fundamental skills in a wide array of business fields including technical specialties like accounting and more theoretical specialties like strategy.

Business schools provides you two years to think through your long term career goals and completely focus on professional development and hence help you find your true passion and interest.


2. MBA Helps Open Door to Creativity & Opportunities

2. MBA Helps Open Door to Creativity & Opportunities

Having a management degree opens up doors to opportunities and a period of two years of business school allows you enough time to understand if your actual interest is to follow the job sector or becoming an entrepreneur excites you more. You meet people in your program that open up new opportunities for you. If they open their own companies they hire other people that they have met through their MBA, it’s the networking component that helps create opportunities and allows you to explore your creativity.

You will meet industry leaders and get a chance to interact with them, get access to resources, relevant information about jobs, corporate events, and much more. Many individuals pursue MBA because they want to be an entrepreneur. Learn from the professors with in-depth knowledge and get a chance to work on entrepreneurship projects which will not only prepare you for entrepreneurship but will open up a variety of career paths in business development, corporate innovation, venture capital, and more.


3. MBA Can Help Expedite Career Change

3. MBA Can Help Expedite Career Change

An MBA degree provides a unique opportunity for career exploration, an opportunity to choose one direction from many. MBA in General Management, Marketing, consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, etc. are the different streams in MBA that serves professionals looking to grow in different industries or even if you are looking to pivot to leadership roles. You will have business skills in sectors outside your current fields from technology to health care management to finance and hence giving you an edge to accelerate the career change.

Now that we have talked about the different career perspectives of MBA, it’s important to understand why MBA is an answer for anybody who is looking for a career change or how is MBA a good option for career advancement.


4. Reasons Why an MBA Helps Career-Changers

4. Reasons Why an MBA Helps Career-Changers

Gone are the days when a bachelor’s degree was enough to set a graduate up for a long and fulfilling career. You need to have a management degree to accelerate your career and reach leadership roles. MBA degree allows a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities because of which students can try on different types of business roles.

In-semester and summer internships, both are ways for companies to evaluate prospective full-time future employees who are looking for a career change. It is also a way for students to identify whether the job function and the industry is right for them, hence choosing your internships wisely. The curriculum can also provide opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to practice, for instance, you are working with a company to solve problems and these experiences are a good approach to strengthen skillsets. This can also be related to what you want to be or do in the future.

It is absolutely true that MBA is a perfect platform for students aspiring to change their industry or job function since you get skills and understanding of what contributes to the success of a business. After completing an MBA you will have the understanding to connect dots between the interdependencies of different business units within an organization.

Business schools are designed as an opportunity to explore a career & choose what is right for you according to your interests. Along with a wide variety of courses that the program offers you will get to experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Renowned, top b-schools attract a mix of corporate recruiters as these schools tend to have good job placement rates in multiple industries.


5. How You Should Choose an MBA Program

5. How You Should Choose an MBA Program

It is suggested while applying for a business school you should look up the school’s job placement statistics according to your preferred business sector. You can reach out to recent graduates and alumni of the school whether the school’s career counselors provide valuable guidance. If you looking for personal development by getting into a b-school you should compare which school provides the most opportunity to grow skills in your preferred specialization or field. Say, for instance, you are strong in marketing but want to be an entrepreneur and start a business that you are so excited about, then an MBA in entrepreneurship makes sense.

The final takeaway from the article is that an MBA provides you with career pivot strategies and gives you a window to move out from that desk job that you were so stuck in. An MBA with any focus that excited you or any industry that you want to switch to can open doors for you to find your true self, and true passion and allow you to shine inside out. Just be persistent and devote yourself to that dream career of yours.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 What are the different types of specialization that an MBA offers?

Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship are the five different types of specializations that an MBA degree offers.

Ques.2 What is the importance of an MBA degree?

New hires who hold an MBA are expected to earn $45,000 more than graduates of U.S. undergraduate programs. The median expected salary of an MBA graduate is $95,000, while U.S. bachelor’s degree holders expect to earn a median of $50,000 annually, according to the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey.

Ques.3 Is an MBA degree for a career switch?

A big yes! Pursuing an MBA gives you a perfect opportunity to switch careers in your area of interest. Because of the practical knowledge & experience that the curriculum offers, you will get trained beyond the field that you are currently working in, hence a perfect opportunity for a career change.


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