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There are enough reasons why Canada is such a popular study destination for international students. Other than being a student-friendly and multi-cultural society, Canada is known for providing a plethora of other benefits to the international student community. It is one of the most immigrant friendly nations. If you are contemplating pursuing an MBA from abroad, then Canada is the destination you should keep on the top of your list.

An MBA in Canada is not just cheaper than some of the other study destinations; also, there are several top MBA colleges in Canada that offer quality education that adds an edge to your resume. There are diverse MBA specialisations that you can choose from – be it MBA in Health Care Management, MBA in Hospital Management, MBA in Marketing, or MBA in Supply Change Management; you will find almost all specialisations (for MBA) under the sun being offered by the best business schools in Canada.

So, let us first find out why MBA in Canada for Indian students is a great prospect.

Top-notch Quality of Education: Canadian universities are known for their top-notch quality of education. Several Canadian business schools are ranked among the top 150 global universities for MBA.

No Language Barrier: Unlike most European countries, Canada is a multi-cultural society and has people from all over the world. With a huge number of its population comprising Indians, there is no language barrier.

Faster Visa Process: When it comes to the visa process, Canada has a smooth and faster visa process as compared to the United States and Germany.

Part-time Work Opportunities: Canada offers several part-time work opportunities to students. It serves as a huge advantage for international students who are looking for a low-cost MBA in Canada. With part-time work, you can easily manage some of your living expenses like food and rent bills, etc.

Post-study Work Opportunity: What is indeed wonderful about pursuing MBA in Canada is that you get to apply for a post-study work permit. There is no dearth of MBA jobs in Canada for freshers. Also, as shared earlier, Canada is known as one of the most immigrant friendly nations.

Thus, it is pretty evident that an MBA degree from Canada is worth the effort. You should be mindful of the fact that the top MBA universities require a strong GMAT score and a minimum work experience of 2.5 years. When it comes to the cost of education of the top MBA colleges, it varies from CAD 20,000 to CAD 1,30,000 per annum for Indian and international students. In terms of Indian currency, it comes somewhere between 10 and 20 lacs per annum.

Here is a list of the top MBA Colleges in Canada

  1. Schulich School of Business (Toronto)
  2. Rotman School of Management (Toronto)
  3. Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia)
  4. Ivey Business School
  5. Desautels Faculty of Management
  6. University of Alberta
  7. HEC Montreal
  8. Edwards School of Business

Let us find out in detail about each of these business schools.


Schulich School of Business

Schulich School of Business

It offers a flexible program, that is, it allows students to complete the first year in Hyderabad, and the second year in Toronto. Schulich School of Business offers transformational management education that prepares students to succeed in a competent professional environment. Schulich offers 18 MBA specialisations. Students are required to take up a two-term strategic consulting project. This trains students to work in a team and conduct detailed strategic analysis for a real organisation.


Rotman School of Management

Rotman School of Management

Rotman offers a full-time 2-year MBA program which is one of the most diverse MBA courses offered in Canada. The campus is located in downtown Toronto which is a commercial and financial hub. The curriculum is divided into core and elective courses. There are up to 90 elective courses to choose from. One of the interesting features of the program is a flexible internship program with a duration of 4 months. Students can select from the following periods:

  • May-August
  • September-December
  • January-April


Sauder School of Business

Sauder School of Business

Located in Vancouver, Sauder School of Business is a faculty at the University of British Columbia. It offers a 16-month full-time MBA and a 28-month part-time MBA. The program offers specialised career tracks along with practical experience. The focus is on experimental learning and global immersion. Students get to experience a truly global exposure and learning as the curriculum is built around the themes of- creativity, decision-making, ethics and sustainability, global issues and macroeconomics, and leadership development.


Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School

Ivey offers a one-year full-time MBA program. The program is delivered using the case study method. Students get a chance to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and intricacies of real-world businesses through the several case studies they go through. Also, the career management team prepares students for interviews and assists in building a solid resume.


Desautels Faculty of Management

Desautels Faculty of Management

Desautels is faculty at McGill University. It offers a 2-year full-time MBA degree. The program offers a concentration in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation. The program hosts more than 100 firms every year on the campus which provides more students with a number of career opportunities. They also have career coaches to guide the students about their careers.

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University of Alberta

University of Alberta

University of Alberta’s full-time MBA is a 20-month program. The curriculum is a blend of lecture, case, and applied learning. The dedicated career management programming trains and equips students with the knowledge to work efficiently in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment. It has a strong alumni network with alumni in over 70 countries and every business sector.


HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal

It offers a one-year MBA program beginning in September. This practice-oriented program includes business consultation projects where students propose solutions to a real-life problem, thereby gaining valuable managerial experience. It also offers admission scholarships to students with excellent academic records and aptitude.


Edwards School of Business

Edwards School of Business

Edwards offers a one-year full-time MBA program that focuses on team building, business strategy, and leadership. The internship program is an 8-month work experience and commences in the month of January.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 Can I apply for MBA in Canada without any work experience?

Though most top business schools in Canada require a minimum work experience of 2 years, there are some business schools that provide admission to students without any work experience.

Ques.2 What is the basic eligibility criterion for MBA in Canada?

The basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. A good GMAT score is mandatory if you want to apply to the top business schools in Canada.

Ques.3 Which one is better: a one-year or two-year MBA program?

When it comes to an MBA degree from Canada, there is no difference in terms of its value and career prospects. The graduates from both types of programs are highly in demand and are employed by some top-notch companies like Amazon, Apple, etc.

Ques.4 Can a student with 15 years of education apply for MBA in Canada?

Canadian universities are usually known for their stringent requirement for 16 years of education for their MS/MBA programs. To apply for MBA in Canada, a student with a three-year bachelor’s degree needs to complete a Master’s degree as well. Students with a B.Com degree will be eligible after completing the M.Com. In addition to the above, B.Com + CA is also acceptable.


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