National SAT®Olympiad’16 – A Unique Opportunity

The New SAT & National SAT Olympiad’16

The New SAT has a whole bundle of changes: the aggregate score used to be 2400 and it is now 1600; the essay used to be mandatory and it is now optional; the SAT used to have a large number of short ‘sections’ whose sequence could change, and it now has just  three ‘tests’; students used to be tested on arcane ‘SAT words’ and now they will be tested on commonly-used words; and many other changes. Students in India sitting for the SAT in May are probably rather agitated because they will be the first cohort to take the test in India. So, as a unique offer to students, Manya-The Princeton Review has announced the 3rd National SAT Olympiad 2016 so that students can get the feel of a full-length New SAT.

How will the National SAT Olympiad’16 benefit you?

A valuable opportunity is coming your way! Participate in the National SAT Olympiad ’16 and get acquainted with the new test. The 3rd National SAT Olympiad will be held in 18 cities across all the Manya centers in the country. It is a great opportunity for students across India to experience the New SAT before actually taking it.

  • You will get a feel of the New SAT full-length test
  • You will come to know your national ranking in the test
  • You will get a detailed personalized score report
  • You will get a scholarship/certificate of recognition if you get a top rank*

Be ready, read well, and remember the following tips

  • Never leave any question unanswered. There is no negative marking so answer, every question on the SAT
  • Develop your reading skills to get a high score in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.
  • Keep learning vocabulary, keeping in mind that the New SAT will not ask you about obscure words.
  • Always use the Process of Elimination to get closer to the best possible answer.
  • Don’t waste time on killer questions. Eliminate options that you know are completely wrong and guess among those that remain.
  • Focus on mathematical concepts rather than on formulae and mechanical problem-solving.
  • Take the SAT with the optional essay, because you will not be able to take the essay alone if required later.

*Ever other participant will get a certificate of participation

Disclaimer: **SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board. Manya and ‘National SAT Olympiad’16’ are not affiliated with the College Board, creators of the SAT® exam.


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