MBA Abroad vs MBA in India | What to Choose?

Today’s graduates in India regard MBA as one of the most sought-after professional courses. The curriculam of MBA offered by some prominent business schools in the world are all the same, but they vary a little when it comes to teaching methods. Moreover, the practices of Indian educational institutes may be a bit different from those of foreign or international ones. Students usually prefer to study abroad, specializing in the functional areas of business.

Points to Remember:

Gain valuable life skills: Admission to a foreign university gives you an exquisite experience of living in a different country. You get to learn a new language, to interact with local people as well with fellow international students.

Experience personal growth and broaden your worldview: Pursuing an MBA in a foreign university helps you gain a broad understanding of your culture and values. You become more independent and self-confident. Your exposure to a new culture allows you to gain a broader and sophisticated worldview and helps you diversify your thoughts and values.

Broadens career horizons: Pursuing an MBA abroad helps Indian students stand out with the skills that can be honed only through international experience. Strong cross-cultural communications and familiarity with international standards, laws, and regulations, improve the skills of a pursuant unimaginably.

Strengthen leadership skills: You gain a better understanding of different kinds of leadership and business styles when you study overseas. If you go beyond that, working with a diverse team, you also get valuable experience.

Scientific self-assessment method: The international business schools conduct regular psychometric tests presided over by highly qualified professionals for testing the aptitude of students. These tests not only help them choose their MBA specializations but also help them analyze their skills.

Hands-on Learning: No matter whether you pursue an MBA in Singapore or USA, an MBA from a foreign university is always based on reviewing the case-studies of several business entities. This method essentially makes out to students how to apply theories in practical situations. Indeed, this method is much more interesting, focused more on theoretical learning than on the affirmation of theories.

Studying abroad, students can interact with people from all across the globe, along with hundreds of other students with different and different cultures, and rich experience. All the students exchange a wide array of ideas, which further enables them to develop their unique personalities.

Earn while you learn: Students always have the option of interning at international business schools. This serves as a dual benefit, for apart from earning for their day-to-day expenses, they also get international working-experience. Moreover, it also gets their CVs stronger.

Widens the networking-base: An MBA from a foreign university offers you an opportunity to build your network with the ones from the business world. Students interact as well as building a strong network with business icons way before the end of their MBA programs, which in turn helps them in their final placements.

High opportunity cost: Opportunity cost is comparatively higher for students pursuing an MBA abroad. The top international business schools, such as Havard and Oxford, offer well-paid placements. Students seeking well-paid jobs and luxurious lives often prefer to take admission to such schools.

Benefits of a one-year MBA: A one-year MBA program has several advantages. Getting the same degree in one year, that takes around three years, saves a lot of tuition fees, rents, and other expenses. You also get a placement within a year, thus saving your two years. If you estimate meticulously, you can see that you save around 100,000 US dollars if you join this program.

In short, an MBA from foreign universities opens up a window of opportunities. It gives you an excellent career in various private and public enterprises. Hence, pursuing an MBA at an international university is key to a bright future.

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