Most Popular Destination for Admission in Fall 2015

Want to Pick a Right Study Abroad Destination?

Picking a study abroad destination wisely can change your life forever. Once you’ve decided to study abroad, your next step is choosing where you want to take college admission in 2015. So, here is a list of the best study abroad destination for college admission 2015 that you can take your pick from.


USA is the first choice of students for admission application as it is a top-notch career hub. US has outstanding programs in all fields especially the MBA Program. The admission application is a lot different and very flexible in term of courses, one can customize his coursework. Another motivation for international students to opt for college admission, 2015 is the availability of financial aid which includes student grants, loans, and stipends. One has the lucrative job opportunities after completion of the degree and legally authorized to work there for about a year in your field. So, don’t miss the deadlines for fall 2015 if you are seeking out for the American dream.


British qualifications are esteemed and acknowledged around the world for MBA admission and Ph.D. admissions. The government offers opportunities for graduating students to work for 2 years following graduation. The education system of the UK is adjustable so one can fit himself according to the way of living and career. The UK institutions persistently rank among the best in the world and students get the opportunity to be taught by the world’s leading academics and experts.

In UK, a student can also work 10 hours per week during term time and full time during vacation.


United Nations ranked Canada as one of the best place to live in the world and for study abroad destination. Canada’s academic application is outstanding and universities maintain the high standards of academic excellence. The degrees are recognized around the world. International students can work without work permit on campus and have the opportunity to work in Canada for up to one year after they receive their degree or diploma. One can consider Canada, too, for MBA admission in 2015.


Australia is becoming a favorable study abroad destination among students. After US & UK, Australia attracts most of the international students. So college admission in 2015 is a good option. Also, Australia is a favorite as it is easy to get an internship, apprenticeship, and job too. Scholarship money is available for potential international students as well. The education system of India & Australia is very similar which makes easier for admission into any level without any hassle of credential evaluation, university review of qualifications and many more.


The education system in Europe is one of the oldest and most popular. Study in Italy is valuable for students who wish to attend higher education for MBA admission and Ph.D. admission with a varied selection of courses and disciplines. The degrees obtained from Europe study programs have some salient features which include the status of some big companies, both state-owned and private and accreditation of the courses by national authorities and professional bodies.


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