How Do I Select the Top 10 Schools Abroad Suited as per My Profile?

Select the Top 10 Schools Abroad

Selecting the best schools while pursuing an MS or MBA admission process can be quite mindboggling without proper “study abroad” guidance. The top 10 colleges for MBA or MS may not be the top 10 colleges that will serve you the best. Therefore, here are some tips to help you zero in on the top 10 colleges in the world that will provide you just what you are looking for!

Before embarking on your journey, analyze your profile and decide what you want from your experience. Once your goals are set, start exploring schools. Study each school thoroughly and juxtapose it alongside your expectations and requirements. You can use the schools’ websites, related blogs, the Net price calculator, US News My Fit, Facebook/Twitter/Skype, Evernote, and virtual tours to mine vital information and connect to present students and alumni.

Consider the following factors while deciding:


  1. Curriculum – Check if the school offers only theory or only practical classes or sufficient opportunities for both. Most top MBA colleges offer a mix of theory and practice. Similarly, while pursuing MS abroad, you can select either program that offers a blend of research/thesis opportunities or industry practicum along with regular courses.
  2. Faculty – Students seeking top MBA colleges may prefer schools that have industry experts taking certain courses as they can give real-time knowledge instead of merely theoretical explanations. Likewise, for MS abroad, students aspiring to specialize in certain areas may prefer schools that have faculty with similar research backgrounds.
  3. Location – This decides the school’s industry orientation, campus placement, and internship strengths. For example, many of the top MBA colleges for a student desiring a career in Entertainment would be located in and around California. Students focusing on specializations while doing MS abroad should also select schools located in industrial hubs within their intended fields of work.
  4. Present students and alumni – Connecting with these people provide valuable information about the environment and opportunities of the school. Look out for information on the school’s website and blogs about peer groups and their backgrounds, class profile, and alumni profile, and assess your comfort level in such groups. After all, you would not want to be the odd one out in your class! For instance, a student from a financial background may feel uncomfortable in a class where the majority is from technical fields. Similarly, a fresh graduate will be a misfit in a class comprising senior professionals and may even fail to perform well relatively.
  5. MS or MBA rankings – These form a relatively less significant though not an unimportant factor. They provide an indication of the school’s educational standard, faculty, internship possibilities, job placements, and student mix. However, getting into the world’s top 10 colleges for MBA or MS may not indicate that you will get the education that you need or you will thrive in that environment. The other factors enlisted above are therefore more important than MS or MBA rankings if you have decided to study overseas.

All the Best!


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