Masters in Industrial Engineering: Top Colleges, Significance & More


Masters in industrial engineering require a high amount of credibility and creativity. This course is suitable for those who are interested in efficient design with the optimal waste of resources. And are natural in creating a workflow with maximized efficiency. Though a master’s in industrial engineering requires a background in science. This is also called technical physics and mathematics applied science.

About a share of 10.5% (estimated approximately) take the stream of science and apply for engineering courses, although male has taken a majority into this field. Only 2.5% (could be less than the actual value of estimation) approx., are selected for Engineering, category.

In this article, you will get to know about the scope of doing a Masters in industrial engineering. Which has one of the top opted courses and job profiles among science students. The Masters in Industrial Engineering or MSIE is a course and a technical program where a student seeks exponential growth in one of the most technical fields of engineering.

Let’s discuss what MSIE is. Significance, why should one opt for it? The area of study during the field. And more. That comes under the scope of Industrial Engineering. Let’s begin.


1.What is a (MS) Masters In Industrial Engineering?
2.What Significance of doing MSIE or Masters In Industrial Engineering?
3.The Reasons to Pursue MSIE or Masters in Industrial Engineering
4.Scope for Job Responsibilities in MS in Industrial Engineering
5.Top 10 Colleges for Masters in Industrial Engineering


What is a (MS) Masters In Industrial Engineering?

Firstly one should know about Industrial Engineering. So, What is Industrial Engineering? Industrial engineering refers to the wide technical platform of knowing research analysis, manufacturing systems, and advancement. Also had to be knowledgeable in advanced computing, system analysis, and occupational configuration.

This involves an enormous amount of analyzing data to predict future aspects. And design a plan to evaluate the requirements of solutions. Well, this course is an all-rounded program. The course expects one to use the resources with the minimum usage or waste but with a high ROI.

Thus, it could be said that a MS in Industrial Engineering is the only broader program where one can learn more advanced placement of industrial engineering concepts.


What is the Significance of Doing MSIE or Masters in Industrial Engineering?

As one understands the meaning of the MSIE course. Now know the importance it holds in the industrial sectors. Has anyone wondered about the systematic placement of industrial machinery and a system of running the activities of Tertiary sectors? Yes, the way machinery is placed and a system of control is designed to maintain the process. This is a wider concept, it also covers the safety measures and overall the main design of the plan to execute at the time of emergency. Also, this is the main concept of Masters in Industrial Engineering.

The conclusion is that MS in Industrial Engineering is an essential part of the course in the education section. Industries are a crucial part of economic activity, and to run and install requires a huge amount of resources and art to reduce the factors of the cost of installation. Develop a series of operations to control the outcome and provide high ROI. Hence, these are some significant points of doing MSIE.

The Reasons to Pursue MSIE or Masters in Industrial Engineering

After learning the importance of MSIE. Here are the top reasons why one should follow the importance of MSIE or Masters In Industrial Engineering. In this section, one gets to know the primary factors or reasons to pursue MISE. That is given below.

  1. Concept of Optimizing Data and Resources in MSIE.
  2. MSIE, Uni Field of Applications
  3. MSIE is a course of combined technical skills
  4. MSIE is flexible in accordance with the Interest

Let’s discuss this in brief.


1. Concept of Optimizing Data and Resources in MSIE

MSIE or MS in Industrial Engineering is a wider concept. Deal with many concepts at a time. Like data mining, research, and analysis. This also involves cost management factors to reduce the wastage of resources. Industrial Engineers aim for minimizing the cost and increasing the ROI.

This also involves planning and construction concepts that required a mindset of structural engineering. The concepts of Data and Resources in MSIE are the core curriculum. Enhancing productivity by dismantling the whole production process (if in between there is an emergency in the line of production) and planning a layout requires a more technical and realistic approach.


2. MSIE, Uni Field of Applications

There are very few courses that are applied in internal and external lines of operations of any sector. One of the most practical courses is MS in Industrial Engineering. The applications are applicable to almost every field of operations.

The main requirement of this course is in the most important economic sectors. The Industrial sector falls under the tertiary sector. MS in Industrial Engineering application is a more realistic approach. One may have to do cost management, Resource management, which are commerce concepts at the same time. Thus, at the end put a layout of the Line of Operation for an industry or a firm.


3. MSIE is a Course of Combined Technical Skills

This point is proved by the above two points. MSIE is a course of combined technical skills. Involved in technical concepts like logistics, supply chain management, Business data analysis, etc. A MS in Industrial Engineering student can also pursue another field of study. The MSIE acts as a pillar course for the other technical courses.


4. MSIE is Flexible in Accordance With the Interest

The curriculum involves very acceptable options for one to pursue various other spectrums of MSIE in accordance with their interest. There are many job opportunities available for an MS industrial student. Like Logistic Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Operational Optimization Engineering, Etc. Thus, one has the flexibility in accordance with their interest in MSIE or Masters in Industrial Engineering.

Therefore, The field of MS in Industrial Engineering provides an opportunity for students to pursue various fields of specialization according to their interests. One other common factor is the ROI (Return on Investment) during studies is paid with a higher amount. The earnings of an average industrial engineer start with salary slips of a range between INR 18-33 LPA. Due to its broader scope of Industrial Engineering. One must have these qualities to pursue the MSIE. Those are Data lover, good at Mathematics, understand the law of physics, and have a knowledge of Computer applications.


Scope for Job Responsibilities in MS in Industrial Engineering

Let’s discuss the areas where a MS industrial student has the opportunity to work and study. The career path that is offered to the MS industrial engineer and the responsibilities in a job. In this section, these are given as a point to understand quickly in a table format below;

Area in MSIE Career path in MSIE Job Responsibility in MSIE
  • Logistics Operation Scheduling
  • International Production & Management
  • Production and Operations
  • Line of Operations designs
  • Material Optimizing
  • Service Industries
  • Production manufacturing
  • Consultation services
  • Wholesale trade
  • Research and Development firms
  • Designing services
  • Observe and Analysis Production
  • Collect and Research Data
  • Optimize the Line of Production
  • Monitoring the use of resources
  • Creating Excels or Data sheets
  • Communicating to various business segments


Top 10 Colleges for Masters in Industrial Engineering

Here is the list of top 10 colleges for MS in Industrial Engineering. Provide the best scholarships with optimum tuition fees. The duration is an average of between 1–2 years. The list is given below in a table format; The List is in accordance with the QS university Ranking 2023 for MS in Industrial Engineering.

S.no. Universities for MSIE QS World Ranking Exams with Requirement
1 Georgia Institute of Technology 69th TOEFL: 90+


GMAT: 625+

GRE; 305+

GPA: 2+

SAT (Bachelor): 1400+

2 Purdue University 129th TOEFL: 80+



GRE; –

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): 1`190+

3 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 25th TOEFL: 100+


GMAT: 680+

GRE; 320+

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): –

4 Boston University 108th TOEFL: 90+


GMAT: 620+

GRE; 301+

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): 1360+

5 Northwestern University 32nd TOEFL: 100+


GMAT: 590+

GRE; –

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): –

6 Arizona State University 219th TOEFL: 80+


GMAT: 650+

GRE; –

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): 1120+

7 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 363rd TOEFL: 80+


GMAT: 600+

GRE; –

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): 1100+

8 Pennsylvania State University 93rd TOEFL: 80+


GMAT: 560+

GRE; 303+

GPA: 3+

SAT (Bachelor): 1330+

9 New Jersey Institute of Technology 651-700 TOEFL: 79+



GRE; –

GPA: 2+

SAT (Bachelor): 1285+

10 Texas A&M University 164th TOEFL: 80+


GMAT: 570+

GRE; –

GPA: –

SAT (Bachelor): 1360+

The best industrial engineering colleges in the USA are University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and The Northwestern University which are ranked in QS world Ranking of under top 50. But these are the best universities that provide the best courses in Masters in Industrial Engineering. There are some universities that offer a masters in Industrial Engineering in the USA without GRE or GMAT scores.



In searching for the scope of industrial engineering, one can understand the technicality of the course. This is a broader concept that can be science, arts, and commerce. The application for the MS in Industrial Engineering is more data and analytical approaches. Thus, it makes it one of the most demanding jobs in the world with a high payout. This field of the area is for those who are better at data manipulation, designing layouts, critical imagination, etc. This article covers the most basic points for the MS in Industrial Engineering.


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What is the scope of MS in Industrial Engineering in the USA?

There are employment prospects for industrial engineers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, design, hardware, technology, retail, and even healthcare. It offers a flexible area of study that you can approach from either a technical or management-focused perspective.

Is it worth it to get a masters in industrial engineering?

In the USA, an industrial engineer with a master’s degree made a median yearly pay of $95,300. With additional skills, these professions’ earning potential is frequently increased.

Is industrial engineering a good career in the USA?

One of the most highly prized specializations in the USA is industrial engineering. It is simple to understand why industrial engineers have such a diverse set of abilities and are capable of holding both administrative and technical jobs.

What is the cost of an MS in industrial engineering in the USA?

An MS in industrial engineering costs between 22,260 and 53,200 USD in tuition per year in the USA.

Will a strong GPA and professional background be sufficient for admission?

Yes, you will undoubtedly be in early if you have a strong bachelor’s degree and some work experience.

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