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The IELTS exam is an essential component in the successful plans to study or settle in an English speaking country of choice. The IELTS is an exam that will test the English proficiency of the student in the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the English language.

Many aspire to go to a foreign country but find it difficult to prepare for the IELTS exam due to time constraints or schedule constraints.  Jobs, home and other commitments take a major chunk of time which leave almost no time to attend scheduled classes. Additionally, the student may feel that a completely self-Paced IELTS program may not suffice as the student may need guidance and help from an expert trainer in the IELTS field.

  • So, how does one prepare for the IELTS and manage their scheduled timetable also?
  • Where can one find a program that has the flexibility of a self-paced program and the hand holding by experienced trainers?

Welcome to the IELTS blend Program by Manya – The Princeton Review. This fast paced and intensive 3 months IELTS blended program is an IELTS online program perfectly suited for students who wish to get a flexible self-paced practice and study system with time to time teacher led hand holding.

Benefits of the IELTS blend Program

  • Flexible self-study program with scheduled teacher hand holding
  • Skill Strategy videos for self-learning and revision of strategies
  • A suite of Reading, writing, listening and speaking tests for repeated practice in each skill
  • Practice of the IELTS exam via full length mock tests
  • Access content, schedules and tests anytime anywhere through the Mobile app
  • Students can compare self and external assessment to understand their weak areas.
  • Ascending order of difficulty therefore improving students’ performance.

Top Features of the Manya IELTS blend Program

  • 10 reading + 10 listening + 8 writing + 1 speaking video PPT to help students to understand every strategy in every skill.
  • 25 sectional tests for reading, writing and listening.
  • Structured and scheduled remedial tests for improvement in skills.
  • Access to test scores, analysis of tests, as well as solutions.
  • 5 Live speaking tests to help simulate the real IELTS test.
  • 8 sessions of live one on one doubt clearing.
  • Graphs of test performance. Helps understand weak areas.

This article is aimed to help IELTS aspirants move towards a dream IELTS score and to the country of choice.

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