IELTS Band Requirement for Canada Student Visa


Moving to a foreign country to continue your education can introduce some changes and challenges that you will need to prepare yourself for, before moving to Canada to study. Although Canada is one of the most popular countries for higher education, there are certain things that international students are not aware of before.

Needless to say, Canada’s education system, diverse population, bilingualism and job opportunities make it the top choice for international students. Owning to many international students applying to Canadian universities, the process has been ironed out to facilitate an easy admission process.

One of the ways to improve your chances of getting an admit from a Canadian university is your IELTS score.  IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a globally recognised test conducted to assess the communication skills of non-English speakers and is divided into four parts- Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. It is required by many top universities in Canada and hence, plays an important role in enhancing your overall performance. If you are planning to study in Canada anytime soon, you would need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (overall). However, it also depends on the program you are choosing. IELTS is also an important criterion for obtaining a Student Visa for Canada.


Canada IELTS Band Requirements for Student Visa

  • For Undergraduate/Diploma/Certificate Courses- Minimum 5.5 band is required in every section, along with an overall score of 6.0
  • Postgraduate/Master’s Courses – Minimum 6.0 band is required in every section along with an overall score of 6.5 or above

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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Student Visa

To apply for a Canada Study visa you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have been accepted by a designated learning institute (DLI).
  • You need to show that you have adequate funds to pay your tuition fee and living expenses.
  • You need to show that you have a clean background and no criminal record. The aspirants need to produce a police verification certificate to prove this.
  • You need to produce a medical certificate and do a health checkup that certifies that you are in good health.
  • You need to convince the visa officer at the time of the visa interview that you will leave Canada once you complete your studies.


IELTS Test Format

IELTS Test Format

There are two types of IELTS tests, namely, Academic and General Training. Both have the same IELTS Listening and IELTS Speaking tests. However, the Reading and the Writing sections differ depending on which test you plan on taking. Academic IELTS is highly popular among students planning to study in Canada whereas General is preferred by those who are migrating to Canada or any other English-speaking country for work or other purposes. They are usually tested on everyday use of the language with more focus on social or workplace situations.


How to Crack IELTS to Study in Canada

How to Crack IELTS to Study in Canada

While applying to UG or PG study programs in Canada, many students simultaneously start their IELTS preparation. A lot of study material and books are available for IELTS preparation. It is imperative to give attention to each section and take multiple mock exams before appearing for the IELTS test. For the Writing section, it is important to have cohesiveness and strong vocabulary whereas for Speaking it is important to be clear, expressive, and confident. Since the Writing and the Speaking sections is subjective, it is difficult to self-evaluate. It is important to be well- prepared and have a good strategy to score a good band in IELTS.  Hence, Students opt for IELTS Coaching Classes to master their communication skills and acquire their target band.

Your IELTS test result will demonstrate your English proficiency level within the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) standards. Check out the chart below to understand the IELTS band requirement better.

CLB Level IELTS Reading IELTS Writing IELTS Listening IELTS Speaking
10 8.0 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7.0 7.0 8.0 7.0
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
6 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
5 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
4 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.0

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