How to Write a Winning Statement Of Purpose


Let’s first start by understanding what a Statement of Purpose is. A Statement of Purpose is nothing but a reflection of yourself that you present to the admission committee for getting into a university abroad. In order to really WOW the committee, the Statement of Purpose should be very Impressive in terms of an essay that describes you as a person and your other qualities that are left from your academic documents. It does not only have to be about who you are today but also it should be about what you want to become in the future, your goals, ambition, dream, etc. This document helps the admission committee to get a gist about you as a person and why you want to pursue the course in that particular university. It helps the committee to understand the life of the applicant and why they chose that specific course. While writing your Statement of Purpose you have to take into consideration that the admission committee will be reviewing thousands of applications and in order for you to stand out your application should be very unique, creative, and up to the mark.

Here are some ways for writing a winning Statement of Purpose.


1. Unique First Section

Unique First Section

The first thing the committee reads is your first line obviously and it is your chance to write something unique and creative in your first line or paragraph to catch the committee’s attention and stand out from the rest of the applicants but it is to be professional and academic.


2. Avoid Statements, Write Stories

Avoid Statements, Write Stories

We all know how boring it can be reading plain statements all day and the admission committee reads statements in most of the applications. In order for your application to stand out, you must explain your SOP in a story that explains you as a person. A piece written in beautiful literature instantly connects the reader to the piece and leaves a nice impression. It takes them on a journey, reading your SOP should make them feel as they themselves experienced what you have written. And another plus point of writing stories and not statements is that stories are usually stuck in the brain whereas statements are forgotten easily. Though it is a story it should not be like a thesis it should contain information about you in the best way possible.


3. Specific Details

Specific Details

You have to be specific about what you write in your Statement of Purpose. Be specific about what you want to achieve in life, your goals whatever you right you have to tell each and every detail and not beat around the bush and do not write what you think is expected from you write what is the truth as it is supposed to explain you as a person and copying any other example of SOP won’t help as each person have their own individual experience and way of life. You have to explain why you chose this course, why this university and really get into details and not just one-liners as it would help forward your cause only.


4. Use a Conversational Tone

Use a Conversational Tone

There are two ways a person usually writes Formal and Informal. Formal ways should be considered when writing to get admission to a university but it also looks very common and feels like following the herd. Some students try to be friendly in their essays which is not completely wrong but is no way to write if you want an admission. So the best way to write is being in between not too formal and not too informal. It should be a mix of them. Use a conversational tone but not the way you talk to your friends but a way you converse with someone with respect.

5. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

After reading so many applications the admission committee acquires a very unique vision which helps them to judge the application and see if it’s true what’s written or the application is just what the student thought the admission committee wanted to see. It is very important to be yourself in your Statement of Purpose as it is supposed to give a gist of you to the admission committee and not being yourself won’t fulfill this purpose. It is more ideal to be normal than to act like someone you are not.


6. Research the University

Research the University

Before starting to write your Statement of Purpose it is very important that you do your research about the university. Doing your homework about the university does not mean including generic terms like “ I like that there are 50 Ph.D. programs” the admission committee know how amazing their college is you don’t have to tell them you have to do your homework in such a way that you would be able to tell them why you want to go to their college and why are you so passionate about it.


7. Proofread and Edit

Proofread and Edit

One of the biggest mistakes that the students make is that they don’t read their Statement of Purpose thoroughly and they keep it to themselves. It is very important to check what you have written a couple of times as any grammatical error hurts your chances of getting in and another important thing to consider is to give your SOP to your friends and family to read and ask them for their suggestions. Having a second opinion is very important but you should not change your content entirely as remember it is your SOP and should reflect you. The suggestions should be considered and changed if necessary as a new eye reading will have more insight than yours.

Checklist for Your Statement of Purpose

  • Introducing yourself in a unique and creative manner.
  • Demonstrating your passion for the course of the field.
  • Your story and experiences.
  • Academic background in the course you have chosen.
  • Special skills you learned.
  • Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities in the field of your interest.
  • Talk about any community service you did in college.
  • Professional accomplishments in the field you are applying in.
  • Explanations about problems in the background like gap year if any.
  • Explain why you chose this university and course and what makes you passionate about studying there.
  • Write what you like about the university and the course.
  • Appreciate the famous work done by universities and their professors and students.
  • Take advice from your friends and family about the Statement of Purposes.
  • Proofread and edit.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to start a Statement of Purpose?

You should start like “ I am honored to apply for (course name) at (university name).

Q2. How long should a Statement of purpose be?

It should be between 500-1000 words long.

Q3. How to end a Statement of Purpose?

It should end with a conclusion containing highlights of all that you have written.


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