How to Prepare for the GRE AWA?


GRE, the Graduate Record Exam is a standardized test that enables the students to get admissions in various graduate schools or business graduate schools in the English speaking countries. It tests your verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities and with your analytical writing skills. In the test, you have two tasks to handle the AWA tasks; AWA Issue and the AWA Argument.

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AWA Issue

Usually, the issue prompt is a one-sided statement on a two-sided issue. On the issue task, you are required to give your views on the issue presented in the question. To know about the exact tasks you may refer to the GRE Official Guide. The guide also helps you to practice and improve your score.

You have an option to support, oppose, or take a qualified stand. Often it is better to either support or oppose so that your essay appears to be more convincing.


AWA Argument

As in the AWA Issue, the GRE Official Guide (OG) mentions the specific tasks you have to do for the AWA Argument; you will get one of the eight tasks that are listed in the OG.

You will be given an argument where you will need to analyze it objectively. You should avoid getting involved in the issue and refrain from giving your personal opinion.

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The following points apply to both Issue and Argument Essays:

The parameters on which your essays are evaluated are:(a) Organization, (b) Cogency, and (c) Coherence. It is always good to use examples to support your position/analysis. It is important to avoid grammatical errors and use good vocabulary and varied sentence structures.

Usually, shorter essays do not get great scores. As regards, paragraphs it is good to have an introductory paragraph followed by three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.

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