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Indian students and their dream to study abroad is not just a personal obsession but a necessity for the collective development of global education. While this brings a lot of opportunities for a potential candidate, financial constraints become a challenge more than what is perceived. Luckily, we have multiple avenues to avail your finance your studies especially lucrative for its customizations for the desires of Indian students and applicability as per their profile. Through this article, we intend to discuss a myriad of study abroad scholarships opportunities that can be availed and the criterion behind their eligibility.


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Understanding Study Abroad Scholarships:



These are the most targeted by those who are confident of their academic valour and are designed for top performers to avail. Through this scholarship, it is a recognition for the best minds that according to them can showcase their academic prowess and prove beneficial for the institution that they choose to be a part of. They are generally provided by private institutions or through the universities themselves. These act as a wonderful way to help financially and at the same time get noticed for your academic performance and be rewarded for the same. Therefore, always aim for higher scores throughout to be eligible.



Keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds of applicants, scholarship facilities are made available for those who are financially backward. This is a great help for those who are looking to expand their horizons but do not have strong backgrounds or security to support them. These are for those candidates who have immense potential but are unfortunately not getting their due credit due to their limitations. To avail of this, one needs to furnish proof of their financial ability and the potential to do great if provided a chance at a global stage.



Governments across the globe extend a helping hand to international students, including those from India, through diplomatic and educational exchange programs. These initiatives offer substantial financial assistance, creating avenues for cross-cultural learning and collaboration on a global scale. They play a crucial role not only in providing financial support but also in fostering international relations and supporting the educational endeavors of talented students. Additionally, they contribute to the cultural exchange by bringing together students from different parts of the world, promoting a more interconnected and understanding global community.



Educational institutions, especially private universities often offer you monetary help to enhance your academic journey and encourage your global exposure. These are based on certain criteria that show the student as eligible. This may be based on your leadership abilities, academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, etc. These act as a testament to your potential as a candidate and make you a worthy candidate. This type of financial scholarship is the most common for foreign education and will help you secure your position in an unknown land of wonders.


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Opportunities for Indian Students:

While we discussed a few commonly availed sources for scholarships. Further, we would like to take up a few examples of the most available scholarships for Indian students and discuss them in detail,


Commonwealth Scholarships:

This scholarship is funded by the UK and can be availed by an Indian student to not just cover their tuition fees but also extend beyond graduation to help with their living expenses. This international scholarship is the absolute best way to foster a global partnership and create a network for Indian candidates to grow exponentially. Through facilities like these, academics is promoted in its truest form and is being taken care of by the different avenues it has to offer. Since it covers almost all aspects of your study abroad financial restrictions, this should be on your top list to avail. You can find more on the eligibility criteria except you must have an honours degree in the first place.


Erasmus Mundus Scholarships:

This type is funded by the European Union and can be applied by Indian students pursuing joint master’s or a PhD degree across Europe. This initiative is not just an effort for global collaborations but also serves as an excellent security for candidates with financial disabilities. They cover your study period, along with research, traineeship, and other collateral preparations. In most cases, you should submit your requests between October to January for a smoother process.


Fulbright-Nehru Scholarships:

This study abroad scholarship is maintained by the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF). These are awarded to potential candidates opting for either master’s or PhD degrees. Apart from your basic eligibility criteria, they also prefer candidates with a min. of 3 years of work experience, proof of exceptional leadership abilities, and non-involvement with any other US institutions previously. This fellowship will also provide J1 visa support, tuition, and living expenses along with medical coverage as needed and set for. For Indians, this is one of the best types to apply for.


Australia Awards Scholarships:

As the name suggests, this is offered by Australia and is easily available for Indian students. They cover your living (partially) and tuition expenses, along with a one-time establishment allowance. This also covers your medical expenses, additional training programs, etc as per their guidelines. Students availing of this have to sign a 2-year contract with Australia, post which they should leave the country. They specifically contribute to the developmental needs of a candidate and provide backup support for students in a foreign setting.


DAAD Scholarships:

This scholarship is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. This also funds students applying for artistic disciplines. They can be availed by students pursuing their master’s and provide a one-year study abroad opportunity in Germany in conjunction with their home university degree. The duration of this is somewhere around 10-24 months depending on your choice of program. This roughly pays around 934 euros a month and covers your travel as well as medical allowances in limit. In certain cases, it also covers rental facilities and the ones where you can apply for your parents’ stay as well. This scholarship is awarded based on educational performance, potential research, and quality of the projects being involved. As an option for Indian students, this leaves a long-lasting impression.


Tips for a Successful Scholarship Application:

Now that you are aware of the different foreign education scholarships to avail, it is time that we decide on a few key factors to remember in this process,


Begin Early:

Always plan your application process. Since a scholarship typically requires external permissions for sanctioning, you should maintain a definite timeline so that you receive your scholarship well ahead and do not have to rush last minute. It should be ready with you along with your other application requirements for a smoother process overall.


Highlight Achievements:

It is imperative that you highlight your profile achievements in your resume. It should provide a testament to your academic endevours and talk about your impactful projects that can be showcased to enhance your profile. Make sure that you are not missing out on important details and include everything relevant to your profile. This document shows your potential as a candidate and will often determine your eligibility for the scholarships.


Craft a Strong Personal Statement:

Along with your other application documents, you need to write a personal statement/statement of purpose, clearly envisioning your goals. This document shows your profile history and discusses your individual choices towards pursuing your desired program. This document is often considered important to understand the client’s future aims and help the authority decide whether to provide a chance or not. Therefore, this statement should be written with absolute honesty and should discuss your profile highlights.


Letters of Recommendation:

As important as your resume/CV and your personal statement, a LOR is equally considered a testament to not just your academic experiences but you as a person. You need to have at least 2-3 letters in favour of your profile and choose people who can endorse your candidature positively. This document is often considered important for those who have fewer projects or less impactful works but is a candidate worth giving a shot. Make sure that your recommenders know about you thoroughly and can support your candidature.


Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

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While we discussed the scholarships to study abroad, there might be a couple more similar resources that can help you financially. The criteria discussed remain majorly the same and there will not be too complicated procedures since it is designed for student benefits. As a primary understanding, scholarships do provide students benefits of availing monetary help and allow them to completely immerse in the education experience that their desired school has to offer. While this is an exemplary method to fund your education, you might explore other avenues for the same purpose. The best way to select the correct scholarship for yourself is definitely through a thorough understanding of your choices and the one that supports you as you want them to. For customized support and other related help, you can contact education consultants (a notable example would be Manya – The Princeton Review), who can guide you through this process and help you make an informed decision.




1. What is the best scholarship for me?

The answer to this is pretty difficult as all the available options help the candidate in different ways. What we need to understand is how you can select the best one for yourself based on your profile. Therefore, with proper guidance and research, you should select the one that resonates with your profile the most.


2. Do scholarships cover my whole expenses?

Scholarships in certain cases can cover a part of your stay abroad in its entirety, most often it is your tuition fees that are considered. For other coverages, you might receive a set protocol to avail of them at your convenience. However, it does act as a backup.

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