How to Apply for a Student Visa for Switzerland?


Switzerland is a well-known destination to study abroad throughout Europe because the national and international students who study in Switzerland get an opportunity to study from high reputed universities and teachers. Universities of Switzerland provide practical courses and diverse research opportunity that is one of the reasons to study in Switzerland. Studying in Switzerland will surely play a major role in giving your career a kick start. The beautiful cities and the natural beauty of Switzerland attract most of its international students and make it an equitable destination to study abroad. Various events and social life of Switzerland is appreciated by the international students studying there. Moreover Switzerland provides a welcoming environments and opportunities to learn to the international students studying there.


How to Get a Student Visa for Switzerland

How to Get a Student Visa For Switzerland

  • Apply to a University in Switzerland and Receive your Acceptance Letter

A candidate before applying for Switzerland study visa must apply in a Swiss University of his/her own choice and after getting admission in the university of their choice they would have to pay deposit or fees in order to secure their admission in that un university.

  • Book Appointment With Swiss Embassy for Switzerland Study Visa

If you are a non EU/EFTA citizen you would have to do this. A non EU/EFTA candidate have to book an appointment at Swiss embassy in your home country in order to give the visa interview and present the necessary documents along with your application form.

  • Attending The Interview

In this interview the Swiss embassy consultant will check if you are an equitable candidate to get admission in Switzerland or not. Candidate would also require to submit the documents required in the proper sequence and order along with the visa application.

  • Wait for The Decision

The Swiss Embassy will get back to you within 12 weeks of your interview and inform you about their decision.

  • Apply for residence permit

If you are selected for the Switzerland study visa you would now have to apply for residence permit. A candidate can apply for their residence permit till 14 days of their arrival in Switzerland at cantonal migration office. Residence permit process may take few weeks however you may be provided with a temporary document.


Documents Required to Get Student Visa in Switzerland

Documents Required to Get Student Visa in Switzerland

Following are the documents required for Switzerland student visa:

  • Valid passport (for 3 months beyond the duration of your degree program)
  • 3 completely filled forms of Application for long stay visa
  • Letter of acceptance from any University of Switzerland
  • 4 passport sized photograph
  • Registration and tuition fees payment receipt (copy and original)
  • Documents proving that you can afford to live and study in Switzerland
  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Copies of previous studies
  • A signed letter committing that you will leave Switzerland after your studies


Types of Switzerland Study Visa

Types of Switzerland Study Visa

There are two study visa options in Switzerland, Candidate have to decide which visa type suits him/her depending upon the duration of your degree program. Following are the 2 types of Switzerland study visa:

  • C-Visa

Candidate may apply for C-Visa if they want to study a course or program in Switzerland that lasts up to three months as C-visa is a type of study visa in Switzerland that allows a candidate to reside there for a short period of time. Usually students apply for C-visa for attending seminars, language schools or summer schools that has duration of only 3 months or less.

  • D-Visa

D-visa is a type of visa granted for a long period of time. Students who want to study, work or settle in Switzerland apply for D-Visa. D-Visa is granted for a period of one year however there are possibility of extension too.


Switzerland Study Visa Processing Time

Switzerland Study visa Processing Time

Usually it takes 8-12 weeks for processing Switzerland study visa, Therefore it is advised to apply for the visa as soon as possible.
A candidate must apply for the visa at least 3 months before your academics start in Switzerland. The right time to apply for Switzerland study visa is as soon as you receive admission conformation from a university in Switzerland.

Language Requirements for Studying in Switzerland

Language Requirements For Studying in Switzerland

There are no as such language requirements for applying Switzerland study visa. It may be required by the university in which you are taking admissions. Universities may ask a candidate to give language proficiency test which will be enough for the Swiss embassy. The common language proficiency test accepted by universities of Switzerland are

  • PTE

Sometimes embassy consultant checks your language knowledge during visa interviews. They may also ask you to give an oral or written test.


Can We Work and Study in Switzerland

Can We Work and Study in Switzerland

You would have to inform the immigration office if you are planning to work In Switzerland. An international student who is not an EU citizen must study for a period of 6 months in Switzerland in order to legally work as part time, along with this an international student would also require a work permit for doing a part time job in Switzerland. After studying for duration of 6 months in Switzerland and getting a work permit an international student is legally allowed to work part time for 15 hours a week that means around 2 hours a week during a semester and can work full time during vacations.


Student Dependents (With National Visa D)

Student Dependents (With National Visa D)

If you are able to show the Swiss embassy that you can financially support your family- spouse or dependent children then you can take them along with you under family reunification. Your family members would also be allowed to work there.


Important Point to Remember

Important Point To Remember

Visa application fees are not refundable so it is advised to check the documents carefully. The documents must be submitted in the proper sequence and order. You should make sure that you are submitting all the documents that are required to be submitted for your visa application. Remember if the documents submitted are incomplete or faulty your visa may get rejected and you would have to apply again. However if your visa application gets rejected and you feel that you it was a wrong decision you can make an appeal within 30 days of the result announcement. You would have to submit the appeal in writing stating why your visa should have been approved with proofs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1. What is the processing time for Switzerland’s short stay study visa?

Switzerland’s short stay study visa is termed as C-Visa. The processing time for the C-Visa type is usually 10-15 days.

Ques 2.  Can a non EU/EFTA student work and study together in Switzerland?

Any international student who is not an EU citizen must study for a period of 6 months in Switzerland in order to legally work as part time, along with this an international student would also require a work permit for doing a part time job in Switzerland. You can work up to 15 hours per week during your semesters and can also work full time in vacations.

Ques 3. Is studying from Switzerland costly?

If we compare the cost of studying in Switzerland from the cost of studying from other European countries then we will come to know that it is very affordable to study from Switzerland. The cost of studying from Switzerland is comparatively low because the educational system in Switzerland is mostly public funded.


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