How To Apply for a Student Visa for New Zealand?

The New Zealand government allows all Indian students to study in the nation, but you must first get a New Zealand study visa. The sort of New Zealand study visa you’ll require is determined by the course of study you wish to pursue and the length of time you plan to stay in New Zealand. If you are over the age of 18 and intend to study in New Zealand for more than six months, here is a list of the several types of New Zealand study visas you can apply for:

  • Fee Paying Student Visa: You can study full-time for up to four years while working part-time.
  • Exchange Student Visa: For an accepted student exchange programme, you can study full-time for up to four years.
  • Foreign government supported New Zealand student visa: On a foreign government loan or scholarship, you can study full-time for up to four years.
  • Pathway Student Visa: On a single student visa, you can study for up to five years and do three courses in a row while working part-time.

If you’re an Indian student, you’ll certainly need a Fee-Paying Student visa.
It’s critical to keep your Fee-Paying student status while studying in New Zealand. This status refers to the reason for your visit to New Zealand.


New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

To apply for a New Zealand student visa, you would typically need:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least three months after your stay in New Zealand.
  • A letter of acceptance from a New Zealand education provider that specifies the minimum course duration, total tuition amount, and whether the tuition charge is in New Zealand dollars or foreign currencies. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority must approve the course.
  • An offer of a place from a New Zealand Qualifications Authority-approved educational institution
  • If you’re under the age of 18, a signed promise from an institution or person that suitable lodging is available in New Zealand.
  • A return air ticket to your nation, or proof that you have enough money to buy one.

Some additional documents which may be required:

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and certificates are examples of academic preparation documents.
  • Current application form – student visa application form
  • Fee for obtaining a visa
  • Receipt for tuition fees paid to date
  • Photos the size of a passport

You may also need to produce proof that you have enough money to cover your living expenses for the duration of your trip. You must demonstrate that you have NZ$ 15,000 or NZ$ 1,250 per month* for a complete year of study. This could involve the following:

  • A Scholarship program
  • Bank Statement
  • A sponsor’s financial commitment to pay housing and living expenses
  • Evidence that you will be departing New Zealand once your training is completed. This can be in the form of airline tickets, although it is not required.
  • If you are 17 years old or older and plan to study for longer than 24 months, you will need a police certificate. A police certificate is a document that serves as proof of a person’s good conduct.
  • If you’re staying in New Zealand for more than six months, or if you’re a citizen of a nation with a high incidence of tuberculosis, or if you’ve spent more than three months in the last five years in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis, you’ll need to undergo a chest x-ray.
  • Full medical examination

You may also be required to attend an embassy or consulate interview in New Zealand.


Apply for Online Visa

Apply for Online Visa

Your New Zealand student visa application must be submitted online through the New Zealand Immigration website. You can apply up to 120 days before the program’s anticipated start date. Remember that your application date is the day on which you pay your application fee.


New Zealand Student Visa Fees for Indian

New Zealand Student Visa Fees for Indian

Your immigration cost and reception centre charge as an Indian applicant will be determined by the type of submission you make – online or paper.

Type of submission Application cost Receiving centre fee
Paper INR 24,500 INR 1,087
Online NZD 530 (approx. INR 23,330) INR 722


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English Language Requirements

English Language Requirements

You’ll need to show proof of English language proficiency to get a New Zealand student visa. This normally entails completing a secure English language test to demonstrate your ability to communicate and correspond.
With over three million tests completed in the past year, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular high-stakes English language competency test for study, work, and migration. In 140 countries throughout the world, the IELTS scores are recognised by more than 10,000 organisations, including educational institutions, companies, professional associations, and governments.

The minimum IELTS score necessary for a New Zealand student visa is 5.5 in each module.


Can You Work in New Zealand With a Student Visa?

Can you Work in New Zealand With a Student Visa?

International full-time students holding a New Zealand student visa are legally permitted to work in New Zealand for up to 20 hours per week during the school year, and full-time during all scheduled holiday times such as Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation. The 20-hour limit does not apply to work experience required for your study. International students are not permitted to work for themselves.

Students pursuing a master’s degree by research or a doctorate can work as many hours as they like.
You may still be able to work in New Zealand after completing your education, but you must first check with the visa authorities and then apply for the relevant work visa.


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