How To Apply for a Student Visa for France?


France’s higher education system provides outstanding programs in all fields and at all levels of study. There are around 3,500 higher education institutions in the country, covering a wide range of specialties. You can study Engineering, Business Management, Tourism and Social Work, Culinary Arts, and Hotel Management in France with a study visa. For overseas students, notably from India, France is a popular choice.

The country’s officially recognized organization for higher education and overseas students in France university will process France study visa applications from citizens of a number of western countries. Those students would have been forced to apply to their preferred French universities via the CEF(Centre pour les Etudes en France) method, which they would have done through a campus student visa in France.

You will be responsible for both your university application and your France study visa application if your country of origin is not mentioned. You will be able to apply for a study visa in France only when you have been accepted into a program at a French institution.


Student Visa for France

Student Visa for France

To apply for your study visa in France, you must contact the French embassy in your home country and give the following information as requested:

  • A formal letter of admission into a French institution’s authorized program. This should be printed on official letterhead and include your complete contact information, as well as the details of your program of study and the start and finish dates of your studies.
  • Prove that you have enough money to live in the nation. A bank statement, a guarantor’s letter, or a notice of financing from a loan, scholarship, or grant can be used to demonstrate the current amount necessary, which is €615 (US$820) each month.
  • Confirmation of a return ticket to your native country. This is frequently in the form of a physical ticket or reservation with a departure date, but it can also be a handwritten declaration of purpose with desired departure dates.
  • Medical insurance confirmation (minimum coverage €30,000, US$40,150)
  • Proof of residence is required. If you’re living with friends or family, you can present a confirmation of student housing, a certificate of board and lodging.
  • If you’re taking a French course, you’ll need proof of your French proficiency whilst studying in France.


France Student Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

France Study Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

To submit a full France study visa application, you must verify that you fulfill all of the French authorities’ criteria. There are certain elements to anticipate, but keep in mind that they may need extra information or supporting papers.

  • A valid passport
  • letter of acceptance/enrolment from the University of France
  • Evidence of financial resources to meet all costs during the research period.
  • Reservation/ticket for an air flight with a departure date.
  • Annual medical insurance (costs between € 311 and € 714)
  • Documents confirming your lodging arrangements while studying in France.
  • You will require a competency certificate for the French language if you have enrolled in a French-language course.
  • Payment of Indian student visa fees must be documented.
  • Proof of civil status, if applicable.

France Student Visa Fees for Indian Students

France Student Visa Fees for Indian Students

France student visa fees for Indian students seeking bachelor’s or master’s degrees, the visa fee for a long-stay national visa for study reasons is €99. The charge is the same for dual course applicants and university students.

Payment should be paid in cash. Before you go to the local branch to make a payment, we urge that you chat with them first. Aside from this fee, you’ll have to pay the Visa Processing Fee of €50, which is now INR 4338, as well as the VFS Service Fees and Handling Fees, which total INR 1467. (inclusive of taxes). Please note that visa fees paid at the France Visa Application Centers in New Delhi and Kolkata must be paid by bank cheque. The France student visa cost is payable in cash exclusively at the France Visa Application Centers in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chennai, and Puducherry. A courier service is also offered for Rs300 (including service tax) for each application.

Note: Because currency rates change rapidly, it is usually a good idea to double-check the Visa Fee with the visa application center before submitting your application.


The Student Visa Process in France

The Student Visa Process in France

Are you ready to begin the France student visa application process? A typical application procedure is as follows:

  • Enroll at a higher education institution in France and obtain proof of acceptance.
  • Check your passport’s validity and assemble all of your documentation.
  • Create a Campus France account when you’re ready.
  • Submit your application and upload all required documentation.
  • Pay the student fees for Campus France.
  • Wait for Campus France to send you a date and time for your appointment.
  • Attend your Academic Interview with a Campus France adviser with all originals and one set of photocopies of your papers.
  • Create a France-Visas account after your interview.
  • Fill out the form on the France Visas website.
  • Wait for the day and time of VFS Global France’s appointment in India.
  • Attend your appointment, bring your documents and passport, and fill out the biometric registration form.
  • Keep track of your application and look for any missing paperwork.
  • Wait for the outcome of your visa application.

The final step is to register and validate your study visa in France within three months after arriving in the country. Once you arrive, you may do so by registering your Long Stay Visa online. If you wish to stay in France longer than your Long Stay visa allows, you must apply for a residence permit at least two months before your visa expires.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1. When will I be able to apply for a student visa in France?

You will be able to apply for a France study visa only when you have been accepted into a program at a French institution. To apply for your visa, you must contact the French embassy in your home country and give the following information as requested:

  • An official acceptance letter from a French university for a recognized program.
  • Proof that you have enough money to live in the nation.
  • A return ticket to your native nation is required.
  • Proof of health insurance (minimum coverage €30,000, US$40,150).
  • It is necessary to show proof of residence.
  • You’ll need proof of your French language skills if you’re taking a French course.

Ques 2. How long does it take to get a student visa in France?

The Campus France application procedure takes at least three weeks, while the Consulate application process takes at least two weeks. The application procedure must start at least 90 days before the departure date. In the case of unanticipated delays, it is strongly advised that students begin the procedure as soon as feasible.

Ques 3. Is there a scholarship available for overseas students?

Yes, and the French government has declared that, in addition to the new increased tuition prices, they will enhance the availability of scholarships. The official Campus Bourses tool provides a list of grants and scholarships available for student visas for France from India.


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