H-1B Visa Series 2: H-1B visa applicants who hold a US degree now have better chances of winning the H-1B lottery

Rolling out the new update for H-1B visa applicants on Wednesday directly from The Donald Trump administration, via the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not less than a New Year present for H1B visa applicants who hold a US advanced degree.

In the statement, it reads that H-1B beneficiaries who have a master’s or higher degree from a US institution of higher education will be preferred in the upcoming lottery which is likely to take place in April 2019.

When it comes to numbers, the authority unveils that they receive 65,000 H1B petitions available for the draw in 2019 and around 20,000 applicants with advanced degrees from a U.S. institution on top of it. Due to this new revision in filing H-1B visas, USCIS will run a lottery for all H1B petitions first then will be moving to US advanced-degree holders’ applicants. Prior to this update, USCIS typically runs a lottery of advanced-degree holders first then for the remaining slot. The authority is expecting an increase in the number of US advanced-degree holders by 16 percent (or 5,340 high-skilled immigrants) in light of this updated reversal order. The reversed selection of H1B petitions will be applicable for applications received for the fiscal year 2020 H1B filing season on April 1st,  2019.

Based on the recent rule changes in the H-1B Visa process, announced on 30th January 2019 (Wednesday), officials said that they will be getting more students coming in to study in the US from this year onwards and employers who select H-1B visa holders with advanced-degree from a US institution will be benefitted due to this change in the order of the lottery.

In addition to this, USCIS is expecting a substantial increase of up to 5,340 in the number of high-skilled immigrants with a master’s degree or higher degree getting through the process faster and winning the H-1B lottery sooner.

Hopefully, more positive changes will be introduced to increase the effectiveness of the H1B visa program. Watch this space for more!

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