For how long is my GMAT score valid?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) has been booming tremendously in India. A lot of Indian Business Schools demand good GMAT scores to endow admissions in their management courses. Besides, close to a hundred B-schools in India swapped their previous entrance tests CMAT and MAT with GMAT. Not only are international colleges and universities insisting for GMAT, Indian universities now require good GMAT scores as well. Therefore, this aptitude test is highly significant to attempt, along with grabbing the highest marks to get admission to the eminent business schools.

Is GMAT Mandatory?

Graduate Management Admission Test is mandatory to get admitted to renowned business schools and ensures that you have a degree which enhances your profile and that you are accepted internationally. Thus, the GMAT is not only mandatory for Indian business schools, but also for those B-schools abroad, where the value of a degree is very high.

Is GMAT Valid?

You could take admission in well-reputed business schools in India even if you did not attempt GMAT recently. Your GMAT scores are valid for up to five years after you attempted the test. For example, if you attempted GMAT in 2014, you can send the score you got that year to business schools till 2019.

An Elaborate Look at GMAT…

A majority of the leading business schools ask applicants to submit GMAT scores to measure the academic abilities of an aspirant. It concentrates thoroughly on reasoning skills instead of computational or memory skills. Only experienced people can ace this test, which will test their mathematical, reasoning, verbal, and analytical skills. Concisely, GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, specially designed to access the aspirant’s intellectual skills. It is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council).

Some Facts About GMAT

  • There are close to 35000 GMAT takers in India. More than 5000 Indian Business Schools ask for the GMAT score. Thus, to become a part of an esteemed business school, the aspirants consider enrolling for coaching in one of the leading institutions – The Princeton Review- Manya.
  • Unanswered questions on your GMAT exam will penalize you.
  • The test takers are analyzed separately based on all four sections – integrated reasoning, quantitative skills, writing skills, and verbal skills.
  • During the test, the difficulty of the questions is based on how you are doing. If you answer a question correctly, the next question will be more difficult. If you give the wrong answer, the subsequent questions will be easier.
  • GMAT candidates get more benefits as compared to those who attempt CAT. It gives the candidates a better chance of getting admission to their preferred university.

Is it the Right Time to Take the GMAT exam?

If you have already attempted GMAT, you need to check your GMAT validity. As stated above, it is valid for a half-decade. You can get enrolled in a prominent business school with your existing GMAT score.

Since GMAT is a weapon to pursue a management degree in the eminent business schools, the higher the score you have, the more are your chances to get enrolled at the leading schools. If you consider that your score is not up to the mark, you can play your innings again. Make sure that this standardized test can be taken five times a year with a gap of a minimum of sixteen days between two GMAT exams.

Are You Eligible for GMAT in India?

Remarkable B-schools consider your GMAT score as an indicator of your academic performance. Therefore, you should be careful while submitting it with your application. In case the validity of your GMAT score has expired, your application will be rejected. Also, different B-schools have different rules regarding the acceptance of GMAT scores. Besides, considering the GMAT score validity, the aspirants need to enroll in reputed institutions to prepare for GMAT. It is a pathway to get admission in the top B-schools. However, prior to attempting this standardized test, aspirants need to practice for a few days under the supervision of GMAT professionals available at Manya.


GMAT can be the key to your admission to the business school of your choice! You can take this test five times a year, and every score is valid up to five years after the test date.



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