Do’s & Don’ts of Argument Essay on the GRE


Duration: 30 minutes, Topic: 1

The argument essay consists of a brief passage in which the author presents a claim backed by evidence.

Argument Task-Well-argued or notArgumentative

The argument essay task, merely discuss the validity of the author’s argument. Do not bring in your own ideas about the situation in the essay. Consider the structure of the argument and then logically construct your reasoning. Keep your points simple.

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What Shouldn’t Be There

While it is important to understand what argument task tests you on, it is equally important to understand what shouldn’t be mentioned in the essay.

A Flea In the Ear 

Remember that ETS does not ask for your point of view or your opinion in an argument essay. No need to give it an earful of your ideas. You are merely asked to evaluate the argument. You are not asked to agree or disagree with the argument in question. Stick to the scope of the argument, while you analyze and evaluate it.

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Examine-1Examine The Stated & The Unstated

Pay attention to what is offered in the argument as evidence or proof, what is explicitly stated/ concluded and what is assumed. Consider the structure of the argument i.e. the ways by which these elements are interconnected and how logically you move from one point of reasoning to another. A smooth transition is a key to a well-argued argument essay.

Learn, Practice and follow the tips shared above while preparing for the GRE and get ready to score high on the test.

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