Everything You Wanted to Know About the GRE Essay Part 2: Issue Essay

The issue essay contains a statement on a topic of general interest. It is followed by directions on how to respond to the issue prompt.

ImageIssue essay Task -Freedom of Expression

Here, you’re free to develop and present your ideas. Feel free to show off your ability to argue convincingly for your perspective. There’s no correct or wrong answer here. Ensure clarity of thought and coherence of ideas. Segue to subsequent paragraphs only when you move on to discuss a new idea.

Drive Away the Drivel

While writing the issue essay, ensure that you write convincingly about your chosen perspective. You cannot argue for both sides of the issue topic. Whether you believe in a particular side or not, you have to present your points and evidence to support them effectively.

writing-the-essayOn The Nose

While giving examples to support your side of the issue, it is best to stick to relevant examples that will leave no room for doubts. Cite examples that can be understood anywhere in the world.

Take the Opposition down a Peg

In the issue essay, you can provide strong examples to support your stance or to refute the other side. This will lend weight to stance on the issue.

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