Do’s and Don’ts for Preparing Your College Application

Are you planning your college admission? Filling up the college application form is a serious job, which demands vigilance and accuracy. Any careless effort or even a minute mistake can affect your prospects for admission. Although the last date for early action candidates was 1st November 2016 however, if you are a regular decision candidate you can still apply by 1st January 2017. Considering that you have very little time to buff up your application, you must start working on it NOW!

Think, Re-think and Write

Once you decide to fill up the college application, it becomes important that you complete the application with image-13-150x150accuracy. The very first step in this process is giving time to you to think and write. Knowing who you are, describing yourself in words and then drafting those words in a beautifully crafted essay is an opportunity for you to convey the real you. The mantra is to be yourself and write something about yourself that can convince your admission officers to admit you into their college.

Show your own voice

All the information shared in your application should be unique and should talk mostly about you. Your application should bshutterstock_279993245-150x150e a well-written piece of personal information where each statement is new to the reader.  Using your legal name and a professional e-mail id is also necessary. Whatever nicknames you have or whatever id you use for your social networking the name shared in your college application should, however, be the one that is in your legal documents, and the id shared should be of a professional email address.


Avoid the last day wait

If you want to submit a quality application, then start preparing for your application in time and avoid image-21-150x150last day submission. A quality piece takes time and efforts to develop, therefore always prepare well ahead of the deadline. Last minute submission can lead to trouble as the risk of not being able to submit the application increases. Applying on the last date can cause unnecessary hurry and hassle, which can further cause errors in your application, affecting its quality. In addition, the risk of technical error is always there, and submitting your file at the last minute may not give you an opportunity to try again.

Applying to universities and colleges can cause anxiety for students when it comes to preparing for the application form. Preparing a right application that can influence your admission officer to admit you into his college is a challenging task. So what are you waiting for? November has started and you should start preparing your college applications so that when the last date of submission comes, you can tell your friends – I am done with it!





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