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SAT Study Plan and Its Benefits



1.Steps to Prepare an Effective SAT Study Plan
2.Top 3 Benefits of Having a Study Plan for Your SAT
3.Top 10 Tips for the SAT Preparation

The SAT, now becoming the SAT, is an admission test accepted by all U.S. colleges, and the College Board has programs to encourage all students to take advantage of higher education. Income-eligible SAT takers receive college application fee waivers and all students can opt for Student Search Service® to receive free information about admission and financial aid from colleges, universities, and scholarship programs.

To do well on the SAT, you’ll need to have a study plan. This plan tells you what, when, and how to prepare for the SAT. In this blog, we give you a study plan, to choose from, based on your SAT score goals.

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Steps to Prepare an Effective SAT Study Plan

1. How to Study for the SAT?

The very first thing to do is to thoroughly understand the SAT suite of assessments, its structure, testing and scoring pattern. The SAT is a multistage adaptive test and is not a linear test. There is no right or wrong answer and every question comes with a weightage.

The number of difficulty questions attempted and answered accurately will be the determining factor for your score. Before you begin to prepare, you need to pen down your target score depending on the course you would want to do your undergraduate in and the University where you would want to pursue your course.

Research online to get to know the admission requirements to get into your school of preference. By doing so, you will come to know what score you need to have to get into your dream school/university. Once you know how much you need to score, then only you can take certain steps to achieve it.


2. Make a Study Schedule

Making a study schedule for the SAT helps you to decide how much time you need to prepare for the SAT. Try to adopt a study schedule that is consistent; such as if you think you need 40 hrs of study and have 10 weeks to take the SAT, then plan a study schedule of 4 hours a week for 10 weeks. Having a planned schedule helps you stay motivated to achieve your target score.


3. Choose Your Study Material

For the SAT preparation, once you know when and how to study for the SAT exam then the next question is to know what to study. The next step is to understand and get to know where you stand. Take a complete, timed practice test and figure out your strengths and weaknesses to ace the actual test. Choose your study material wisely, learn what you don’t know and review what you already know.

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Top 3 Benefits of Having a Study Plan for Your SAT

  • Better and Improved Study – The biggest advantage of a study plan is it gives you more time to prepare for the exam.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Having a study plan will help you to avoid procrastination enabling you to memorize effectively.
  • Time to Prepare for the Unexpected – If anything pops up, in the end, you still have time to prepare for the unexpected.

Top 10 Tips for the SAT Preparation

  1. Solve the easy questions first, solve the questions that are easy for you, and try the harder questions later in the SAT.
  2. Decide how many questions to solve. The best way to improve your SAT score is to set a target for the number of questions to attempt on the Preparation test.
  3. A, B, C, or D? Which is your favorite? You will work through the targeted number of questions properly for SAT study preparation.
  4. Eliminate the wrong answers whenever you realize an answer choice cannot be the right answer, eliminate it before proceeding further during the SAT exam preparation.
  5. Read questions completely most times, in a question, the SAT asks for something unexpected and, of course, has deceptive answer choices that are especially tempting if we misread or misinterpret the question.
  6. Underline the key parts of the questions and the text, otherwise, you may fall into the trap during the SAT preparation to try to work on this more in your study plan for the SAT.
  7. Remember to use your scratch paper effectively as you prepare. Reading online comes with practice and use of scratch paper helps you to effectively manage time and accuracy. This required time to better practice during your SAT Study preparation.
  8. Use your calculator shrewdly only when it is required, and you know that it will speed up your work. But do not overly rely on the Calculator, practice without the calculator during your SAT study plan.
  9. Consider when to calculate and when to estimate this way, you may be able to eliminate a few answer choices that are too big or too small or that cannot possibly be the right answer.
  10. Solve and bubble in tandem, do not wait for the last minute to mark the right answers. Do proper practice and make a good SAT study preparation plan to aim for higher marks.


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What are the benefits of having a study plan for DSAT?

A chart or a calendar helps you to remind and allows you to focus on the activity despite the distraction of other activities. This is one of the most important benefits of having a study plan for DSAT.

What to keep in mind when choosing a study plan for the SAT?

Be considerate of your obligations, stick to the plan, and if necessary change your plan, but don’t make it too fixated or keep it flexible, keep this in mind while deciding a study plan for SAT.

How many hours should I spend studying for the SAT?

The recommended SAT time to spend is about 2-3 hrs which is enough to spend studying for the SAT.

Is 1 month enough to study for the SAT?

This depends on one determination, thus one can do preparation for the SAT in 1 month.

What is a good study plan for the SAT?

A good Study Plan for the SAT is to start your preparation about 2-5 months before, take a lot of mock tests and clear the doubts about weaker sections.

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