Best Countries to Study Abroad After the Covid-19 Outbreak

Wondering what is going to happen to your ‘Study Abroad’ dream? Do you feel like the COVID-19 pandemic is closing the doors to your overseas education dream?

The situation is grim, of course, because this pandemic has caused havoc, affecting not only the infected, but the whole world. Every country, every person is affected, if not by the virus, then by the chaos that has ensued and precipitated changes in the policies of organisations and nations.

In terms of education abroad, the most apparent and almost immediate aftermath of the outbreak was the closing of the classrooms and test centres, therefore, putting a hold on all academic activities. Institutions are contemplating the idea of virtual classrooms but listening to lectures in a four-walled classroom isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

With the closing down of the borders, the student community is worried, especially those aspiring to study abroad. Border restrictions and restricted immigration has also resulted in changing of the admission policies, procedures, and eligibility criteria of the educational institutions, mostly relating to the admission of foreign students.

Hey, Wait! Do not sulk any further! Do not stop dreaming! Remember, while it may seem like a catastrophe, all is not lost. Universities are still interested in attracting students from around the world and hence admissions, intakes, and deadlines are only deferred. They will open their doors sooner or later.

In the meanwhile, it is important for you to keep the ball rolling. Even if you have graduated from a school or a college, you have all the reasons to pursue relevant online courses and upskill yourself. Make the most of this lockdown period and enhance your chances of securing that dream admission. Also, utilise this time to research thoroughly on the best universities and most suitable courses.

To help you make an educated decision, we have compiled a list of countries (also, keeping in mind the spread of COVID-19) that have not been impacted much from the pandemic and will be appropriate for your study abroad goals.


Pandemic or no pandemic, Canada has always been on the list of best countries for higher education, especially among study abroad aspirants. Reasons? Internationally acclaimed universities, top-ranked programmes with comprehensive curriculums, flexible education system and immigration policies, multicultural society and friendly people, and the list goes on and on. What’s more? Canadian universities have tie-ups with other academic institutions across the world which provide ample scope for student exchange programmes and therefore, wholesome learning.

Top Universities in Canada

1 University of Toronto
2 McGill University
3 University of British Columbia
4 University of Alberta
5 University of Montreal
6 McMaster University
7 University of Waterloo
8 Western University



New Zealand, being the second most peaceful country in the world has always been a favourite among tourists. Its globally renowned universities and state-of-the-art education system has students from all over the world thronging for admission. The top-ranked universities and multitude of courses will cater to your career aspirations while the cost of living will be easy on your pocket. Not to ignore, New Zealand has been declared as a VIRUS FREE nation.

Top Universities in New Zealand

1 The University of Auckland
2 University of Otago
3 Victoria University of Wellington
4 University of Canterbury
5 University of Waikato
6 Massey University
7 Lincoln University
8 Auckland University of Technology



Nordic countries – known for their progressive education system; what a dream it would be to study in Denmark, also known to be one of the top countries in the Happiness Index. The Danish education system is known to be one of the most modern and inclusive of all contemporary requirements. Heavy significance is given to practical exposure which are fostered by close ties of the institutions with the industries. Furthermore, Denmark boasts of providing a high standard of living at a relatively low cost.

Top Universities in Denmark

1 University of Copenhagen
2 Technical University of Denmark
3 Aarhus University
4 Aalborg University
5 University of Southern Denmark



Though not so popular among foreign students, Poland has been attracting some attention recently. Now, its foreign intakes may gain momentum as Poland is one of the countries least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Polish education system has come to light because of its advanced and progressive education ideology which is constantly being monitored by institutions appointed for the same. The world-class universities offer varied courses that distinctively bring together theoretical learning and practical exposure. To add on, the relatively low tuition fees and cost of living makes it quite the right place to realise your dreams of overseas education.

Top Universities in Poland

1 Jagiellonian University
2 University of Warsaw
3 Warsaw University of Technology
4 Adam Mickiewicz University
5 AGH University of Science and Technology
6 Cracow University of Technology
7 Gdansk University of Technology
8 Nicolaus Copernicus University



The seven emirates are popular for a lot of things, but education is not one of them. However, a sneak-peak into the cornucopia of their intellectual and cultural offerings, and you would surely be smitten. UAE has strong ties with countries across the world and thus, provides a mixed ambiance of East meets West, both in culture and academics. The programmes offered by universities in the UAE are accredited by international accreditation bodies and hence, are globally accepted. Most of all, an added advantage for Indian students is the similarity in culture and a huge population of Indian expats in the emirates, which makes the UAE a home away from home.

Top Universities in the UAE

1 Khalifa University of Science and Technology
2 United Arab Emirates University
3 American University of Sharjah
4 American University in Dubai
5 Sharjah University
6 Zayed University
7 Abu Dhabi University
8 Ajman University

The purpose of this write-up is to keep your passion for overseas education alive and kicking. Don’t let the virus dampen your spirits. Keep working on enhancing your skills so that you can present yourself as the most deserving candidate. All the best!!!

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