Advantages of Taking German Course from die deutSCHule


Die deutSCHule is Berlin’s most progressive language school, specializing in preparing students for German Universities. They offer excellent, effective German courses for students of all levels, as well as specialty courses to help prepare for German as a foreign language examinations, in the historic location of the old Sparkasse building in the heart of hip, pulsing, and colourfulNeukölln (testDAF and telc). The emphasis on social engagement is equally important to the school’s identity. Gender equality, community responsibility, and cultural offerings are all taken as seriously as the nuances of the German language.

DeutSCHule Offers More than Just a Course in the German Language

The deutSCHule’s intensive courses are distinguished by their high efficiency. The deutSCHule takes the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages requirements seriously. For example, if you attend an A1 course daily and actively participate in class, you will achieve an A1 level in German in 8 weeks. While all of the wonderful teachers make learning fun, the primary goal of learning excellent German is always at the forefront. If you want to learn German seriously, you should enroll in the deutSCHule.


Getting Ready for University

The deutSCHule offers special preparatory courses for the most common German language exams, TestDaF, and telc, in addition to their intensive courses. Of course, the school is also registered and certified to administer these exams. You must pass one of these tests if you want to study at a German university after finishing your language classes in Berlin. The deutSCHule test preparation courses, which they have been offering for nearly ten years, have a stellar reputation both in Berlin and across the world. Because the deutSCHule is a licensed testing center, you can take the exam after finishing the course in your familiar school environment. Their test success rate is among the highest in the world.


Socio-political Education, Culture, and Conversation

If you already have a B2 or C1 level but want to learn more about Germany and Berlin while improving your spoken German, we highly recommend dying deutSCHules’ conversation course. This class meets three times a week and goes on a weekly excursion to a different community or political site in Berlin and the surrounding areas. These opportunities allow course participants to interact with and learn from experts in various fields. Previously, students visited various places of worship, techno club managers, sustainable fashion events, artists, politicians, Charité hospital doctors, a self-organized project for former addicts, anarchists who lived in Berlin in the 1980s, and wild wolves in the Brandenburg forest.


responseBERLIN- Scholarship for a German Language Course for the Socially Engaged

The deutSCHule’s scholarship aims to increase social engagement and support the concept of democratic responsibility in Berlin. Another goal of the scholarship is to promote solidarity and diverse coexistence in the world at large. Learning German at the deutSCHule means being educated, engaged, and empowered in cultural and political life. That’s why they created the responseBERLIN program, which allows their students to learn German for free while doing good.


The DeutSCHule Café

The social and gastronomic center of the school is the deutSCHule Café which serves the greatest coffee in Berlin as well as delicious vegan and vegetarian snacks inside the café and on its lovely, sunny patio. They arrange possibilities for social interaction in their tranquil, lush haven. Every two weeks, the deutSCHule hosts a queer Stammtisch, and the café serves as the hub for diversity management and social engagement under Emma Johnson. Everyone is always looking for workable and forward-thinking solutions to social concerns, and questions and proposals on the subject of gender equality, inclusion, and democracy are welcome here; a good community makes good cuisine taste even better.


Evening German Language Classes in Germany

Do you want to take a German course in Berlin but are too busy during the day?

Then we have the ideal solution: Our German evening classes in Berlin will retain all of their appeals. You can still conduct business, learn German in the evening, and enjoy Berlin at night. Who knows where the best places to get lost are? Our instructors for evening German classes in Berlin.


Learn German Berlin Style

The fast pace of a Berlin German lesson makes some students queasy. Hold on tight and use caution, as you and your classmates will quickly move through the themes and materials of the Berlin German course. Your German class in Berlin will make every aspect of syntax, morphology, and vocabulary understandable.

Naturally, learning how to speak German in Berlin will also teach you how to communicate. deutSCHule will set up every conceivable communication scenario throughout the Berlin German course so that you and the other students can practice speaking German. This will help you pick up the language during your German training in Berlin fast and effectively. Register right away for a Berlin German course at Berlin-eineNeukölln’sdeutSCHule!


The Christmas Lottery of Die deutSCHule

The die deutSCHule raises money for a certain nonprofit organization each Advent. We have routinely raised substantial sums of money in recent years to execute some fantastic social projects in Berlin. For instance, in 2018, the die deutSCHule was able to support the Pankow, Germany-based HausPhönix self-help project’s Christmas supper. The Kältehilfe/Kältebus Berlin, which provides comfort to the homeless in Berlin during the chilly winter, received all of the funds in 2017.


The Civic Involvement Network of Berlin

The deutSCHule has participated actively in the Landesnetzwerk Bürgerengagement Berlin (Bürgerengagement Berlin) since 2018. We frequently participate in meetings and support our dedicated colleagues in the civil activist network in their efforts to make Berlin even more equitable, amiable, and encouraging.


Summary of the German Courses (GERMAN A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)


Intensive German Course

  • Begin whenever you want!
  • 20 hours/week-Monday to Friday
  • 4 weeks for 218€ only
  • Course Schedule Flexibility


TestDaF Preparation Course and Exam

  • 5 Weeks
  • Worldwide leading success quotas
  • 5 Weeks
  • Years of Experience
  • Success Tips and Tricks


Atelc Preparation Course, and the telc Exam

  • 5 Weeks
  • Years of Experience
  • Individual Coaching
  • Test Dates Flexibility


Grammar/Prose and Conversation Specialty Course

  • Interesting Topics
  • Teachers Who Are Highly Motivated and Skilled
  • Success Guaranteed


The moral of the story is simple: enroll in a German course right away! It’s nearly more enjoyable to learn German in a German class in Berlin than it is to be able to speak the language. The best location to do this in Berlin is die deutSCHule, which provides top-notch German lessons. You can make incredible things happen here and make new friends. Sign up right away for a German class in Berlin! Nothing but your fear is at stake!


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Where do we find die deutSCHule in Germany?

Karl-Marx-Straße 107, Ganghoferstraße 11-12 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

What are the course hours?

Course hours- Monday to Friday: 09.15 am – 08.15 pm
Office hours- Monday to Friday: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm

Can I find out die deutSCHule on social media?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Deutschule/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/die_deutschule/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/diedeutschule

How much does it cost to study German Language at die deutSCHule?

Standard Contract Visa Contract
1 week 83 €
2 weeks 155 €
3 weeks 224 €
4 weeks 287 €
8 weeks 574 €
11 weeks 789 €
12 weeks 861 € 922 €
12 weeks (Au Pair) 789 €
16 weeks 1.148 €
24 weeks 1.660 € 1.770 €
36 weeks 2.490 € 2.655 €
47 weeks (A1-C1) 3.251 €
48 weeks 3.321 € 3.540 €
All intensive courses 20 h*/week  
* 1 lesson = 45 min.  
A1, A2, B1 duration: 8 weeks  
B2 duration: 12 weeks  
C1 duration: 11 weeks  

How can I register for classes?

You can visit the website- https://www.die-deutschule.de/en/registration/online-registration/ and register online.

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