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Stanford University Graduate School of Business MBA program earned the top spot in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2019, jumping up from fourth place in 2018. Its strength in entrepreneurship helped boost the score.

Stanford MBA program accepted 419 aspirants from 7,797 talent pool with an acceptance rate of 5.4% in 2018.
Well! It’s clear that if one wants to make it to Stanford with such a low acceptance rate then definitely one needs to put extra efforts in showing the best to the admission committee.


How to Get Admission for MBA at Stanford University

How to Get Admission for MBA at Stanford University

A few worthy applicants will get a chance to pursue MBA programs from one of the World’s most prestigious university.

The average student admitted for the class of 2022 had a 3.8 undergraduate GPA, a 733 GMAT score (or 165 verbal and 164 quantitative on the GRE), and 4.7 years of work experience. So, one needs to really work hard not only to get good scores but must work on the holistic approach.

NOTE: From all the MBA aspirants on an average 30% are Indian students but only 9% of the class at top business schools like Harvard, Stanford and Wharton consists of Indian Nationals. The number is quite low, to elevate this or your chances of getting admitted at Stanford.

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes determination, and hard work.


A Myth About Stanford MBA Program

A Myth About Stanford MBA Program

A lot of people think that Stanford prefers Tech Entrepreneurs, well that’s a myth. Stanford University’s MBA program looks at all the applications comprehensively as Stanford is considered to give rise to the future leaders and it wants to maintain its legacy. Well it’s valid, as with a small class size, the Stanford MBA program needs its aspirants to create an impression in the industries in which they’ll work. Stanford MBA creates a varied class of skillful people. If you come from a diverse background then it gives you an added advantage to excel in the field.


What are the Expectations of the Stanford MBA Program from its Aspirants?

What are the Expectations of the Stanford MBA Program from its Aspirants?


3 key aspects for a MBA aspirant:

  • Cognitive liveliness
  • Real life Leadership Potential
  • Individualized Qualities and Contributions


1. Cognitive Liveliness

For assessing the cognitive liveliness, Attitude and aptitude towards learning both plays a major role. This shows the aspiration and ambition you have and how diligently you can use your skills


2. Real life Leadership Potential

Leadership is the chief quality looked by top business schools. It demonstrates your ability to take decisions in a complex and unfavourable environment in professional and personal life as well.


3. Individualized Qualities and Contributions

The qualities you possess and the contributions you made or intend to make will determine how you can contribute or benefit from the university community.

Here arises the question that, “How will you prove these qualities in your application?” To answer this question, let’s analyze a Stanford MBA application and understand the importance of each element.


Steps to Get into Stanford MBA Program

Steps to Get into Stanford MBA Program

1. Begin an early Research

2. Research Internal Factors

3. Research External Factors

4. Identify Gaps

5. Work on the gaps in your application

6. Prepare and Excel the GMAT

7. Apply to Stanford University Graduate School of Business’ MBA program


Stanford MBA Application requirements and Eligibility

Stanford MBA Application requirements and Eligibility

  • Educational journey
  • Test scores
  • Personal information, Activities and Awards
  • Professional experience (if any)
  • Letters of Reference
  • Essays
  • Optional short answer questions
  • Application Fee
  • Reapplication

Stanford MBA is very particular regarding its requirements in the application. Therefore, follow their guidelines stringently and you may in due course receive an interview invite.

An application of MBA is just a group of evidence to prove that you are someone who is skilful and will add value to the MBA program.

There are 2 sections under Evidence:

1. Quantative section

It convinces the Admissions committee that you can get through the diligent MBA program.

This includes the following components:

  • GMAT score
  • Resume
  • TOEFL/ IELTS score
  • Undergraduate GPA


2. Qualitative Section

The Qualitative part bridges the gap between what you aspires to do and how Stanford MBA program will help you reach there.

It includes:

  • Letters of Reference
  • Two letters of reference is the prerequisite requirement

– The first one from the current direct supervisor at work

– The other from someone else who has supervised your work



Generally while reviewing an essay, Stanford Admission committee expects to see an “MBA X-factor” in the essay of the student. It’s nothing but the originality-being true to your own personality, values, and spirit as similarities might be there between two profiles of the candidates but your authenticity will make you stand out of the crowd and will make you unique.

To get admission in the Stanford MBA program you have to write the essays on the following 2 topics:

  • Why Stanford?
  • What matters most to you, and why?
  • Take care of the following points while writing an essay:

Your authenticity is what really matters, spend time with yourself, pen down your thoughts, ideas, achievements, beliefs, decisions this will not only help you to create a unique and meaningful essay for you but also will help in the long run, after your application process- during the interview, chat with the seniors, faculty members and the alumni.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 Stanford MBA program is looking for?

  • Cognitive liveliness
  • Real life Leadership Potential
  • Individualized Qualities and Contributions

Ques.2 What are the belief of Stanford MBA Admissions Committee?

  • The best predictor of future behaviour is past performance
  • How you’ve developed your talents is equally important with what you have accomplished.

Ques.3 How to attain Stanford MBA Admissions Committee’s expectations?

  • Be Original/Real
  • Bridge the gap between your perception and the admissions committee’s perception
  • Explain how Stanford MBA program will be beneficial in your goals


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