A Comprehensive Study Abroad Guide for Parents



Sending your child to study abroad is, without a doubt, one of the bravest decisions you will ever make, and yes, the most important decision you will ever make for your child. Your child will get access to the best faculties, a world-class education, and a global mind-set by studying abroad. It is your job as a parent to support your child in this decision. So get ready to be a part of this fruitful voyage!


Things You Need to do as a Parent

Learn what motivates your child’s desire. As a parent, take an active role in your child’s decision-making process to encourage them and ensure they make the best decisions possible.


1. Openly Discuss Your Child’s Goal

1. Openly Discuss Your Child's Goal

Sit down and figure out why your child wants to fly abroad, whether it’s for a career or a personal reason. To be able to counsel and encourage your child, you must first understand what he or she is looking for in life.


2. Keep Yourself Updated

2. Keep Yourself Updated

Take part in research on the courses they’re interested in, the universities they’ve mentioned, and the type of lifestyle they’d prefer. This research will also contain information on curriculum, university life, and international accommodation options.


3. Consider your Difficulties

3. Consider your Difficulties

Make contact with family members and friends whose children have travelled abroad. Question about the challenges you’re going to meet and how you’ll overcome them. The general rule is to “be as specific as possible” and to ask all of your questions.


4. Seek Expert Assistance

4. Seek Expert Assistance

For more than 20 years, Manya – The Princeton Review has been helping students in pursuing their foreign education goals. Counsellors at Manya – The Princeton Review would gladly assist you if you have any questions or concerns.


5. Know How Much Money You’ll Need to Spend

5. Know How Much Money You'll Need to Spend

Having an estimate of the costs of sending your children overseas might assist you in making a more informed decision. However, you need to include more than just the tuition fee in your budget. Don’t forget to include other costs like accommodation, food, health insurance, communication, and travel!

6. Make a Thorough Plan

6. Make a Thorough Plan

Plan now that you have a better understanding of what goes into sending your child abroad. Take into account all considerations, such as course and university choices, budget, visa, and so on.


7. Put Your Child’s Health First

7. Put Your Child's Health First

Make sure your child has a general physical examination, a dental examination, and a gynaecological examination (if applicable). Make sure they have all of the necessary immunizations and boosters if necessary.


8. Make Sure About Your Child’s Travel Safety

8. Make Sure About Your Child's Travel Safety

Yes, it’s concerning to send your child thousands of kilometres away, which is why it’s critical to safeguard their safety while travelling. Before your child leaves, make sure they are insured and enrolled in a safety program.

You can learn more about your child’s travel safety and decide what is best for them.


9. Make a Schedule for Your Visits

9. Make a Schedule for Your Visits

Discuss and organize your trip to another country with your child once they have settled in. This will allow you to spend some quality time with them while also providing them with the emotional support they require while adjusting to life in a new country.


10. Stay in touch

10. Stay in touch

It is important to maintain contact with your child while they are away from home, as transitioning into a new nation can be difficult. Before they’re properly settled, they’ll need both your emotional support and your direction.


Find Your Dream University

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