How to Study Abroad with a Low CGPA


Getting good scores is really important for securing admission to a good university or a desired course. However, not having a high enough GPA doesn’t have to be discouraging.


What is GPA and How To Convert Your CGPA to GPA

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, measured on a scale from 1.0 to 4.0, where 4.0 is the highest. Anything above 3.0 is usually considered good and can be a minimum GPA requirement for most universities, and anything below that is generally not considered a good number. To calculate GPA from your CGPA, you can use a conversion table. To give you an idea, a CGPA of above 7 translates to a GPA above 3.0.

Your GPA is not the sole factor that decides whether you get admitted into a good university or not, but one of the multiple important factors that in totality decide your worth for a particular course. Having a low GPA is not desirable, but also not the end of possibilities as it can be compensated by raising the quality of your other factors. Let us have a look at how this can be done.


Write a Convincing Personal Statement

Often underrated, a well-thought, honest, and convincing statement of purpose can add weight to your application. Your certificates and transcripts cannot focus on specific achievements in a proper way, but when you write about yourself, you can select and highlight essential points relevant to the course. Make the most of this opportunity to make the admission officers see you in a way you want to.


Increase Your Extra-Curricular Activities

Your scores alone cannot outline your personality and character, which is the reason many universities also give considerable importance to extra-curricular activities. Extracurricular activities alone will not be enough in your admissions, but they certainly add great value to an application. Activities can range from sports and music to volunteering for social activities.

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Outperform in your Entrance Exams

The GPA of a student acts as an indicator of his academic abilities (to some extent), but it is not the sole one. If you perform very well in entrance exams such as SAT or ACT, or GRE/GMAT, it shows that your abilities are certainly better than your GPA says.

Leverage Good Scores of Course-Specific Subjects

Retake Some Subjects

Many universities allow the retaking of a few subjects to improve grades, such as the ‘class improvement’ program of Pune University (SPPU). In this way, you can improve your GPA before starting with your applications.


Start With Pathway Courses

One or two-year pathway programs are foundation programs that make you ready for a particular graduate course. You may have to invest quite a bit of your time, but that can get you a good course in the end despite the low GPA.


Explore Community Colleges

Community Colleges, unlike Universities, are smaller educational institutes but they can also offer quality education. Fortunately, many community colleges do not have stringent minimum GPA requirements and you can have your goal of studying abroad fulfilled in a community college.


Work-Experience in Related Domain

Last but never least, nothing highlights your abilities in a certain area like the fact that you have actually worked on it. If you have shortlisted or decided on which field to pursue, you can complete an internship or a stint as a project assistant or trainee in an organization and work according to the course you are applying to.

Apart from the above points, we suggest you work on your scores when you have time, because although all these factors matter, your GPA also matters, for example, the average GPA for Harvard on a weighted scale goes above 4.0 on its 5.0 GPA scale calculator.

Studying in a foreign University can be a rewarding experience as it opens new opportunities beyond our home country as well as provides valuable intercultural experiences that build a better personality. If you are deciding on studying abroad, it is a great decision and if your GPA is not high, do not let that discourage you, just focus on what we have discussed and all goes smooth.

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  1. Retaking some subjects is the best option for students who are still in the university and have the option to do so. Otherwise, the best way is to get some good work experiene or solidfy the profile with research papers, competitions, certifications, etc. It will really boost the profile of a stdy abroad aspirant.

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