Would you like to study in Europe this year?

We have moved on from the days of considering only the US, UK, and Australia for our study abroad goals. The European Union (EU) is up and coming as one of the favourite destinations for higher education and here are a few reasons:

1. The cost of higher education is rather low in most European countries, especially in public universities. Despite the low cost, the continent has some of the world-class universities such as the University of Munich, The University of Vienna, Paris-Sorbonne University, and many more.

2. IELTS is not a mandatory English language requirement to get into a college/university in Europe. If you can prove your proficiency in English and have been taught in the English medium in the last five years, then you still hold good for applying to the universities.

3. Even the GRE is not a mandatory requirement for most universities. Only a handful of universities list GRE scores under necessary qualifiers.

4. Most European countries also give a work permit to work in the country during the tenure of the course.

5. Last but not least, Europe is the hub for innovation and development in technology. So if your ambition is to get your name etched in history as an inventor, a European university is your refuge.

Top European countries to study abroad

1. Germany – It is no secret that Germany is a world leader in technological development and hence the academic set up is also very contemporary and very ‘Now’. Choose any city in Germany, from Berlin to Koln or Munich to Frankfurt, the state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a perfect platform for the high standards of education and world-class research. To add on, public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees.

2. Netherlands – Driven by innovation, higher education in the Netherlands is one to reckon. There are a number of English-taught courses which follow the same grading system as in the American universities.

3. Austria – Again a country with low or no (in some cases) tuition fees, Austria is also known for a peaceful and safe environment. High education standards are a given while the classy environment is an added attraction. Austria is where the music capital of the world, Vienna is located where you can study music. You can also opt for a host of other courses as you desire.

4. Spain – Though it may seem like a Spanish-only country, there are several English-taught courses available. To add on, the tuition fees and living expenses are quite affordable in this country where not only the climate but also the people are extremely warm.

5. Italy – From food to fashion, arts to architecture, Italy is well-known for a lot of things including its world-class education. In addition to the high education standards and excellent teaching, the country has beautiful cities, lip-smacking cuisine and affordable living costs that will make your study duration a time to remember.

6. Switzerland – Seemingly the world’s favourite destination for the ‘honeymoon’, Switzerland also is home to world-class universities. Focusing on building career-oriented skills, universities in Switzerland provide the perfect ambience for breakthroughs and ground-breaking research.

7. France – A perfect set-up where the old meets the new, France is home to some of the top universities in the world such as HEC Paris, INSEAD, etc. French business schools have a niche place for their unique teaching styles.

8. Belgium – Every year, Belgium attracts more than 100,000 students from across the globe. One of the main reasons behind it is that most of its universities offer several English-taught programmes. The country also boasts of a highly multi-cultural environment.

9. Ireland – A top choice for courses in Information Technology, Business, and Life Sciences, Ireland attracts scores of international students. All of its programmes are taught in English and this makes it even more feasible. The good news is that the country has announced its plan to increase the number of foreign admissions in the coming years.

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By Chendurmathi Mannivanan, Senior Editor

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