How to Score 330+ on the GRE


We all know about a good score on the GRE to be anywhere in the range of 315-320! So, what makes way for the STELLAR score!! Just 10 points more! 330+….. So if you are one who desperately wants this score, many questions start forming in the mind… Am I setting my expectations too high? Will I be able to ever reach such a score? Is it even a plausible target I am setting for myself?

The moment you let your mind go astray with the above thoughts, your self-belief is hit! You need to build confidence in you that you CAN!! Then you WILL!

The usual tips for cracking the GRE are to do with getting to know the test, taking the diagnostic test, learning vocabulary, strong and weak points, etc. The GRE online coaching or the GRE books would have given you enough tips on all of this.

Let me share with you those points that are normally overlooked and will do much to push the score to a stellar one! (Considering that you are a 330+ aspirant):

  1. Practise consistency – Your performance must not oscillate at this time. Your score has to be on an upward trend, even if it be by just one point. To be able to bring yourself to consistency, all that contributes to this factor have to be a watched-regular practice of Math, Verbal, Vocabulary, and Reading.
  2. Frequent full-length tests – Just practising on sets of questions won’t win the game. The actual test is on taking the entire mock test to know your improvement. A test every weekend is a must if you have maybe a month and a half left for your actual GRE.
  3. Maintain error logs – This is an absolute MUST! You have to keep track of your errors in both Quant and Verbal. Which type of questions did you go wrong in? Was it a careless reading that got you wrong? Did you forget some basic concepts? Did you fail to eliminate for a reason and go for a tempting answer choice? Make that excel sheet and record the errors in detail for every test you take. The end result of this should be to not repeat the errors.
  4. Solve the OG questions – These are the way questions will be asked on the actual GRE. So getting to understand each and every manner in which questions are asked and the strategy behind solving it would be half the job done! OG is your BIBLE!
  5. Practise harder questions – If you are targeting a 330, you should have come up beyond the easy and medium difficulty level questions already. The harder the questions you get on the GRE, the closer you are to that stellar 330!!
  6. Timed practise – Whatever practise you do has to be with the Timer. In no way can you spend more than 1.5 minutes per question. So time yourself with a set of 20 questions keeping 30 minutes. Could you complete it? See which one you took long in? Did you let go? If you didn’t, you have to practise letting go! Some questions have to be respected for their complexity! Leave it be, guess on an answer, and the go-ahead to the remaining ones. You have to FINISH the test. So spend the time smartly!
  7. Never skip the AWA section during practise – Taking the entire test will test your grit. You have to face the Quant or Verbal section only after a grilling one hour of essay-writing. Do you have it in you to keep the calm, composure, and endurance after that for 5 sections? To check this you should take the full-length test always during practise.
  8. Revise your basics – You should never go wrong in the basics of either Math or Verbal. Do you know all the required formulae and approaches? Do you know how to get to the word in the blank? Do you speed read and get to the main idea fast enough?
  9. Power prep tests – The GRE prep is incomplete without taking these tests. These tests are a must in your series of practise tests. The performance and score in these tests reflect on your capability to do as well in your actual GRE! So, if you are scoring a 165+ in these tests, you can be sure to get to your stellar target!
  10. Build up the confidence in you – Last but not the least, have that self-confidence in you that you can achieve this score. After all, you have toiled for it, you have invested the time and effort in getting the strategies and skills right to conquer the questions. Nothing can stop you from cracking the hardest of questions. So GO for it!

Be that test taker who will have performed 98% better than all test takers on the D-Day! Achieve your dream score! The best!!


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