How to Increase Your GRE Quant Score

Everyone dreams to score the best possible GRE score when he/she starts GRE preparation. Here are the five GRE preparation tips to score a stellar Quant score:

Know Yourself

Whether you are a beginner or have been preparing for the GRE test for some time before you make any strategy to crack the test, you should know your weak and strong areas. For that make an error log for your last 2-3 mock tests to understand the pattern of mistakes.

Target Setting

Before every test, set a target for improvement, in terms of the number of correct answers, with respect to the previous test. For example, if you have got 20 questions correct out of 40 questions (both Quant sections combined) in the previous test, then for the next test, set a target for 22-23 correct questions. In order to achieve this, solve only 13-14 questions from section I and 9-10 questions from section II and guess on the other questions as there is no negative marking. It is also important to learn the “Art of Guessing” Keep increasing the target score from test to test. As per the “Error Log” table, set a realistic target to fix gaps in your content knowledge and application of techniques and strategy. After every test, you take, map the data in the table, and check whether you have improved on the content you worked on. If yes, you are going in the right direction.

Usage of GRE Books/Materials

Instead of solving from many different materials, solve and practice from one standard material as many times. So, choose one standard material from a leading GRE test prep institute whose mock tests and drills are very close to the actual GRE test and practice as many times as you can under the guidance of the GRE experts. You have to follow a mantra of 3 P’s means Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Manage Pacing

Prefer accuracy over speed. Choose questions wisely, which can be solved easily and accurately. Use the “Mark” button for the hard questions and come back to those questions later. Spend enough time to get a question right so that you can avoid careless errors due to rush. Try to learn how to manage your scratch paper because you can go back and forth within a section. Don’t panic during the exam at any point in time.

Choose a Leader

It is a well-established fact that “People learn from their mistakes”. So if you have enough time to devote to the GRE preparation, then you can prepare for the test by yourself and learn through your experience or mistakes. Otherwise, you have to choose a leader or an expert of GRE who can guide you better without wasting your precious time. In this COVID era, there is a lot of GRE online coaching available in the market that offers GRE courses. But very few offer expert educators, standard mock tests, materials, online adaptive drills, topic-wise drills with different difficulty levels, etc. So, choose a leading test-prep institute such as Manya – The Princeton Review for your GRE preparation.

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