GRE vs. SAT: The Ultimate Showdown

GRE or SAT? Students sometimes get confused between the two and think about which one to opt for. The thing is, each of these exams is designed with a specific purpose in mind and today, we’ll break them down for you.

Here are five key differences to learn about the GRE and SAT:

1. Undergrad vs. Grad

Whether you choose to go for undergraduate or graduate programs, your chances of getting in will depend on these test scores. If you are applying for undergraduate disciplines, then the SAT is the way to go. For Master’s programs and beyond, you’ll need to start learning about the GRE exam and prepare for it.

2. Paper vs. Online

There has been a questionable debate on the SAT exam being designed to be launched online, but for now, the SAT exams are available only on paper. You have to go to a test center and write it out the old fashioned way. GRE, however, is different. It’s a standardized test that’s hosted completely online and still stays that way today.

3. The Cost Factor

In terms of costs, the GRE exam fee is a lot more expensive than the SAT. When you apply for SAT exams, you spend up to $60 on a single application but in the case of GRE test scores, this goes up to a whopping $205.

4. The Convenience Factor

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a test whenever you want, wherever you want? Well, GRE gives you that freedom since it lets you book GRE slot every 21 days with the added flexibility of being able to retake the exam to up to 5 times in a year! In contrast, the SAT exams are limited by their test centers and applications are available once a month from October to December and during the months of March, May, June, and August. Also, the SAT exam is held only seven times a year, unlike the GRE which is very flexible.

5. How It’s Designed

In terms of the sections, the GRE pattern for questions is categorized into:

  • Analytical writing.
  • Two sections for quantitative reasoning.
  • Two sections for verbal reasoning.
  • An experimental section that is unscored (comprised of an additional quantitative or verbal section).

The SAT exam India is pretty straight forward and has five sections appearing just once each:

  • Reading
  • Writing and Language
  • Math No-Calculator
  • Math Calculator
  • Essay

Now that you know the key differences between the GRE and SAT, it’s time to start preparing for acing those tests!

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