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SAT Exam Dates


Please find below the SAT test dates and registration deadlines for international test-takers:

SAT Dates Registration Deadline Deadline for changes Tests Available
2nd June 2018 3rd May 2018 22nd May 2018 Subject Tests only
6th October 2018 7th September 2018 26th September 2018 SAT and Subject Tests
3rd November 2018 5th October 2018 24th October 2018 Subject Tests only
1st December 2018 2nd November 2018 20th November 2018 SAT and Subject Tests
9th March 2019 8th February 2019 27th February 2019 SAT only
4th May 2019 5th April 2019 24th April 2019 SAT and Subject Tests


For a more up-to-date status on the dates and available testing centers, please visit the official College Board website