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Manya – The Princeton Review brings you “Shaping Global Citizens Festival 2021” for students aspiring to study abroad, from March 12th to April 30th. The virtual education event has a series of online sessions for study abroad aspirants to interact with global leaders, professors, and industry experts.

Last year the pandemic made it challenging for the study abroad industry to deal with the limitations it brought with it. This year with students inquiring about studying abroad and picking up undergraduate, graduate and other study programs we see things gradually getting back to normal again. Looking at the surging interest and number of queries, we are organizing these virtual international education events, for students and their parents to interact directly with education industry experts. This will not only help them gain the right information but will also help them get their questions on study abroad destinations, universities, test requirements, scholarships, visa policies, and other related vital information answered right.

Looking at different aspects of the study abroad process and the complexities of the queries, the overseas education events have been designed to have a series of online sessions with international experts:


12th March 2021 – Speak to the Author of “Colleges That Create Futures”


The college you go to counts not only at the time of your studies but also throughout your professional career journey. There is a reason why colleges provide the best of resources to their students beyond the classroom as they understand it is not just about giving education but shaping the future of the students. The ranking system is one of the ways for students to know how different universities and colleges are faring on all the vital parameters, which helps students decide which colleges they should target to get admission.


Speakers for the session


Rob Franek

Editor-in-Chief, The Princeton Review & Author of the Book “Colleges That Create Futures”

Over his 26-year career, Rob has been a college admissions administrator, publisher, editor, author, and lecturer. In his tenure with The Princeton Review, he has visited hundreds of high schools, colleges, and universities and counts it as one of his most rewarding experiences. His book “Colleges That Create Futures” looks beyond the usual best-of-college lists. The book features schools based on distinctive research, internship, and hands-on learning programs—all the info anyone would need to help find a college that provides the best of education and can also help one launch a successful post-college career.



Aradhana K Mahna

Managing Director, Manya – The Princeton Review & Passionate Entrepreneur

Aradhana K. Mahna, Founder & Managing Director, of Manya – The Princeton Review, is a passionate entrepreneur. She founded Manya – The Princeton Review and began her journey 20 years back with just a handful of students and took it to more than 300,000 students by fulfilling their study abroad aspirations. She n successfully running operations for global brands in India for study abroad test preparation, online tutoring, content development, grading, scoring, admissions counseling, and education process outsourcing.

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19th March 2021 – How to be a Chanakya in the Classroom & have an Ideal Career


Deciding on a goal is one thing and achieving it is another. It takes a different mindset and resources to bring dreams into action. To achieve a goal one needs discipline, commitment to a certain routine, and focus. For instance – wanting to study abroad is a decision made, but figuring out the best way to go about it, mapping the plan to suit your needs, and excelling in it requires guidance. At some stage, students require career counseling –not just to know the best colleges and programs but to also figure out their individual needs, talents, and abilities. Pursuing a study program and then a job thereof based on individual strengths will lead to a rewarding experience both at college and job.


Speakers for the session


Radhakrishnan Pillai

Author of the Book, “Chanakya in Daily Life” Management Guru & Winner of Sardar Patel Award

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, fondly known as Chanakya Pillai is a teacher to his students, an author to his readers, a management trainer, a consultant, and a guide to his clients. He has been conferred with the Sardar Patel National Award for his research on Chanakya and his principles. In his book “Chanakya in Daily Life”, Radhakrishnan Pillai talks about both personal and professional aspects of life. His book acts as a guide on how to create discipline in daily life based on Chanakya’s principles and also how one can make the right decisions regarding choosing the right job, staying financially secure, and creating a work–life balance.



Kunal Sandhu

Founder CEO – Talentel & CogitoHub, MBA XLRI, Ex-Unilever, Accenture & PepsiCo

Kunal Sandhu has 7 Years of building & scaling 2 Digital Platforms for Faculty & Students to ‘Perform Better’ – Talentel (‘Talent Intelligence’ for Educational Institutes) and CogitoHub (Career Testing & Profiling for Students). Both are powered by relevant Frameworks & Predictive Algorithms. He has a decade of previous experience at Unilever, Accenture & PepsiCo.



Himanshu Kishore

COO – Manya – The Princeton Review, Ex-Lenskart, Levis & Crossword Bookstores

Himanshu Kishore, COO – of Manya – The Princeton Review has an experience of 16+ years in the retail business. He has worked with the organizations such as Wills Lifestyle, French Connection, Levi Strauss India, Crossword Bookstores, and Lenskart.com and has expertise in Retail Operations, Distribution, Merchandising, Marketing, Business & Franchisee Development, Customer Loyalty & Analytics.’

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25th March 2021- The Road to a Global Undergrad Degree and Importance of SAT/ACT/AP


Studying overseas is a different experience altogether. The education system in international universities abroad varies a lot from the Indian education system. Considering these differences it is important for students to be well prepared for the changes they might have to experience once they start their study abroad journey. Right from understanding the ecosystem to choosing the right kind of study programs, this session will help you with a framework to gain the right and relevant information.

Test preps are an integral part of the entire study abroad process for international students. As they say, the earlier you start, the better. The session will talk about starting your study abroad preparation for your undergrad degree as early as class 9th. Speakers with share how starting early helps students get their desired score without having to compromise their focus on high school studies, they will also discuss the importance of PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP and how to ace them. Admission and product experts from Manya education will address students’ concerns on related topics and will help gain insights into the test prep products and how they have been designed for students to get to their desired score.


Speakers for the session


Devery Doran

Admissions Expert, MBA – the University of Texas at Austin, Graduation – Harvard

Devery Doran has been a leading admissions counselor for international partners & students at The Princeton Review. She has extensive selective college admissions experience having served as the senior admissions officer at Harvard University’s undergraduate admissions office.



Sandeep Saraswal

Manager, South Asia, The College Board

In the past 5 years, Sandeep worked closely with a very inspiring group of K-12 educators, higher education leadership, and independent educators internationally fostering a community that works towards connecting students with right-fit higher education opportunities.



Vikram Bhalla

Admissions Counseling Manya – The Princeton Review

Vikram heads the Exclusive Admissions Counseling Service at Manya – The Princeton Review, The Princeton Review, and overseas the successful admission of hundreds of well-qualified students every year.




Product Development Manya – The Princeton Review

Associated with Manya for the past 14 years, she is currently serving as a Product Development Specialist for GRE and UG.

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9th April 2021 – The Road to a Global Master’s Degree and Importance of GRE/GMAT


The most competitive field in the study abroad category is the Master’s degree. The competition is not just at the country level but is global as thousands of students across all countries apply for these programs. Thus, carefully planning for the admission process becomes a crucial deciding factor The session will address concerns like -how to create a profile that stands out in a pool of applicants, financial implications and possibilities of work opportunities during and post-studies.

After your college academic performance/score, the next most important aspect of your application is your test score. Along with taking classes, knowing the right strategies, and learning tips, and tricks to crack competitive exams like GMAT and GRE is important. The session will help students with these aspects concerning the competitive exams so they have a clear understanding of them.


Speakers for the session


Athena Lao

B.A., Harvard College, M.S. Ed. University of Pennsylvania

An M.S.Ed. Athena has taught students of all ages and worked for schools and education organizations in the U.S., China, Botswana, Ecuador, France, and Australia.



Anant Rastogi

Director (Marketing) – GMAC, Alumnus of the IIM Calcutta & Michigan State University

An executive alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Anant has been responsible for planning & delivery of all marketing activities for GMAT® and NMAT by GMAC™ for the South Asia region.



Vikram Bhalla

Admissions Counseling Manya – The Princeton Review

Vikram heads the Exclusive Admissions Counseling Service at Manya – The Princeton Review, The Princeton Review and overseas the successful admission of hundreds of well qualified students every year.




Product Development Manya – The Princeton Review

Associated with Manya for the past 14 years, she is currently serving as a Product Development Specialist for GRE and UG.

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16th April 2021- Building a Strong Academic Foundation & Strengthening Your Profile for Global Universities Admission


A mentor acts as a guiding factor to help you achieve your major milestones in life. Aiming to study abroad is an important goal and your mentor in the form of a coach or tutor can help you make the right start with building a strong academic foundation. The session will talk about the life skills such as planning, self-control and focus in order to achieve your goal, how a coach and a tutor differ in their approach and will address parental concerns on overseas study plan for their children.

IVY League colleges are the most sought after ones by students. But not every makes the cut. The session will touch upon a few strategies to follow to increase your chances of acceptance in reputed college globally and will also discuss how to gain research projects with distinguish faculties in the UK and US that can add immense value to your overall profile post studies.


Speakers for the session

John Williams

John Williams

Owner – StudySpot Educational Services Life Coach & Mentor

Over the past 15 years, John has worked directly and indirectly with 100’s of adolescent students and their families. He has adopted a traditional model for athletic success and applied it to academic success, one that focuses on the interplay between natural ability, effort, and skill development.



David Schuessler

Co-Founder & CEO – Tuding, MA – Computing in Education, Columbia University, MBA, MIT – Fudan University

David Schuessler holds a master’s degrees from Columbia University and Fudan University’s MIT Collaborative MBA program. He is a scholar dedicated to providing the highest quality education services to the Asia region.



Danielle Joy

Director of Education – Tuding Masters in Public Administration, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Danielle Joy is a former domestic and international admissions officer for multiple universities in the United States. She has a Master’s in Public Administration from Shanghai Jiaotong University & is pursuing her Ph.D.



Gaurav Bansal

Head (Marketing) – Manya – The Princeton Review, Ex-Times of India & World Trade Centre

Gaurav is a marketing strategist with experience social media engagement, international business development & marketing.

A world of opportunities is waiting and now is the time for aspiring students to take the first step. The Shaping Global Citizens event is a free event suitable for students from the age of 13 years who are in their grade 8th/9th till professionals in the age group of 27/28 years who are aspiring to pursue their higher studies from abroad. To attend the event visit the relevant session page of your interest and fill in your details in the registration form and click on the button “Block Your Seat”. If you wish to attend all the events you can register accordingly.

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27th April 2021- Study in Germany: High-Ranked Universities With Low or No Tuition Fee

Study in Germany

When it comes to technical and engineering courses (STEM), Germany is second to none. With its excellent reputation in terms of research, technology and innovation, a lot of students apply to Germany for higher education, especially for master’s and Ph.D. Also, Germany is becoming an upcoming destination for students looking for MBA. Currently, both PG & UG students at public universities can study for free, with just a small fee to cover administration and other costs each semester.


Speakers for the session

Gopi Krishan

Gopi Krishna

Representative- EU Business School

Gopi Krishna is a Recruiting Manager for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is an international student recruitment specialist, passionate about student advising and career coaching. In the past, he has created a profitable company by building strategic partnerships with OEM retailers including GM, Ford, Tata Motors and Hyundai by providing value-added services through after-sales support.


Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

International Recruitment & Admissions Manager-IUBH University

Michael Johnson, originally from the United States, immigrated to Germany for higher education in 2011.

With a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science and History, his educational background inspired him to build a career in the education sector so that he may help students to achieve their own dreams in Germany as he did before them. Michal has been the Manager of Recruitment and Admission at IUBH for over two years and has taken frequent trips to India.

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30th April- Session 1: Study in Canada


Canada is an ideal destination for higher education studies as it is sought by almost half a million applicants from all over the world. The icing on the cake for Indian students is that a recent educational strategy set up by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses expanding the number of foreign students. Canadian universities are equipped with top-notch educational facilities and extremely skilled and erudite faculty.


Session 2: Study in UK

The UK stands in the 2nd position amongst the world’s most desirable and leading destinations for higher education, with four of its universities making to the top 10 among the best universities in the world. A world-class education, remarkable work prospects and a good student work-life balance make it a popular choice for higher studies among international students.


Speakers for the session


Shimmon Isaac

Representative- University of Canada West

Shimmon Isaac has completed education from the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University, Australia. He has been through the entire life-cycle of an international student both studying and working in a foreign country. Worked for a holistic student development organisation and worked with over 3000+ students internationally.



Bonashree Patowary

Marketing and Admission Manager, South Asia-Trinity Western University

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Find your dream university

If you are planning to study abroad and searching to match your profile with the best suited university, Experts at Manya – The Princeton Review have gathered important information of top Universities from abroad. Surely, this information will help you narrow down your quest for universities. You can access accurate & authentic information related to rankings, application fees, average tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, latest updates, and much more from more than 1000+ universities. You may also search for universities by name, country, or courses in common specializations, such as Physics, Finance, Business, Language and Culture, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Computer and IT, Media and Communication Marketing.

Manya – The Princeton Review offers end-to-end study abroad services encompassing admissions consulting services, test preparation, English language training, career assessment, and international internship opportunities to study abroad aspirants.

For more information, call our Study Abroad Helpline 1800 102 4646

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