Here’s Why You Should Attend International Education Events


Deciding to study overseas can prove to be an exciting phase in any student’s life. The many learning opportunities and possibilities of a bright career that it brings along lead students and their parents to prepare for this goal with utmost care. The first step in the preparation is to gather the right information like- which universities/colleges to aim for, what courses to consider, aptitude required to make it to the reputed colleges, finances, timelines, etc. Attending overseas education events or international education fairs helps students and their parents with answers to all these questions in one place.

International education events provide a platform for students to directly interact with study abroad, admission and education experts. They also provide an opportunity for students and their parents to interact with university/college representatives at the fair. The study abroad admission process is a complex one, thus, overseas education events are organized by industry experts to provide the right information for students to manage each step with careful planning. With the right information in hand, at the right time, it gives students who attend such fairs an edge over those who don’t attain them.


Meet the Experts


On your own, you may only be able to meet a handful of college representatives during your research phase of applying to international universities. Most of the time the communication will be over emails, as the college representatives are hard pressed for time with thousands of queries to answer each day. Attending an international education event organized by industry experts such as Manya – The Princeton Review provides an opportunity for students to speak with a multitude of experts at a single event. This gives students more time to interact with senior study abroad professionals on a one–to–one basis. As there are experts from different fields in one session, listening and interacting with them opens up new dimensions for students.




In international education events like “Shaping Global Citizens 2021”, students get a chance to listen and ask queries to experienced counselors. We all are aware of the importance of counseling in the entire process of applying to international universities to study abroad. An experienced counselor will not only share what it takes to build an impressive profile but will also guide you on how to choose a study program best suited to your needs. Based on your research you may have gathered knowledge on a handful of courses, speaking to an experienced counselor you may end up with more options that are more lucrative in terms of future career prospects.


Scholarship Options


Scholarships are important for higher studies, more so for international students as studying abroad is expensive. While looking for funding options you would gather information on scholarship options provided by different universities and colleges but there are government sponsored options too. Only an experienced counselor can guide you through the many options available for international students. At international education fairs through interaction with functional experts’ students gain in-depth information on various scholarships and other funding options that can help ease financial stress for non-native students. One can have their queries related to scholarship requirements, qualifying parameters, and timelines, etc. answered in one place.




Your application is your first introduction to the college admission committee; hence, its preparation requires a lot of focus. Universities/colleges you aim to apply to receive several applications annually from the world over. It is not possible for the evaluators to spend a lot of time on each application. With limited time in hand, applications that are well drafted stand out. At education events from experts,’ students can learn what goes into the making of an application that appropriately highlights a student strengthens for the evaluators to take quick notice.


Test Prep


Whether you want to apply for an undergrad or a graduate program, you will have to appear for one or the other qualifying exam like SAT/GMAT/GRE/IETLS. Students have a lot of test preparation queries like- the difficulty level, which one to prepare for, how to start preparing, where to take test prep classes, timelines, etc. International education fairs provide aspiring students an opportunity to interact with product specialists and learn from them the importance of each test. They guide students on why you should take a particular test based on one’s strengthens and weaknesses and how to best prepare for them. Expert consultants also help students with their knowledge on current trends in universities abroad related to these exams and how they can best prepare for their goal within a limited time period.


Learn from the Mentors


Overseas education events bring experts in the industry together to help and guide those who want to study and make a career abroad. The entire journey can be overwhelming as it is one of the most important decisions made in one’s life which can later prove to be transformational in many ways. During the preparation phase, hearing those who have been through the drill or who have an experience of helping others like you, can benefit you a lot in terms of your expectations from the entire process. Hearing mentors who have successfully achieved their goals can help you learn what it takes to achieve a dream. Learning about life skills such as being committed to a goal, maintaining focus, striking a balance with other aspects of life and other related things can provide you with a framework to help you achieve your goal.

Preparation before Attending an International Education Event


Do Your Research


Though education events are themselves part of research before applying to international universities, it will be helpful to get a basic idea of the event you want to attend. Go through the website, brochure, or any other marketing material made available by the organizers. This will help you understand what to expect from an international education event.


List Down Your Questions


Education events are your best opportunity to interact with the experts directly. Learn more about the experts beforehand to ask the right and relevant questions from them at the event. See what questions can they answer for you related to their field of expertise. For instance- if you are attending a session of an expert who has deep knowledge on university rankings –list your questions related to the topic like –what to expect from top ranking universities? What if I do not get through the top 10, how are degrees from other colleges perceived while seeking employment?  What are the research options available? How does the alumni network support? These are a few examples. Keep the questions relevant to the expert and topic in discussion.


Go with an Open Mind


You may have gathered a lot of information, however attending an international education event can open a new set of information to you. You get to know of more colleges, new programs, employment trends, more funding options and so on. Attending with an open mind will help you freely absorb all the information you did not have earlier, which will in-turn help you plan your study abroad journey better.


Find Your Dream University

If you are planning to study abroad and searching to match your profile with the best suited university, Experts at Manya – The Princeton Review have gathered important information of top Universities from abroad. Surely, this information will help you narrow down your quest for universities.

You can access accurate & authentic information related to rankings, application fees, average tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, latest updates, and much more from more than 1000+ universities. You may also search for universities by name, country, or courses in common specializations, such as Physics, Finance, Business, Language and Culture, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Computer and IT, Media and Communication Marketing.

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