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A Quick Intro to ACT Practice Tests

No matter how you are approaching your ACT Preparation but you must practice the official ACT tests released by ACT. There has not been much change in the ACT test format in the past few years so if you refer tests released in 2008 then you will find them as good as tests released in 2018. Before appearing for the actual ACT test it is important to take some practice tests. It will not only help you understand certain concepts and help you review your content enabling you to learn difficult topics from scratch. ACT practice tests are an excellent way to track your progress and help you find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Tips to use the official ACT Tests to improve your ACT score

1: Take one Test in One Go

On your ACT preparation, you need to sit and concentrate for four hours to build up your test-taking skills. If you take the ACT practice test in one sitting it will help you increase your endurance for the real test. Therefore, if you don’t have time to sit and practice for long then taking a practice test is the best technique.

2: Using Official Time Limits

It is difficult to maintain the time limit on the ACT while taking practice tests. Each section requires you to answer one or more questions in about a minute, which causes most students to end up with less time than they need, especially on the Math section. But it is suggested that avoid taking extra minutes while practicing as this will not going to help you on the actual test. As on the actual ACT you need to answer as per the timelines were given.

3: Review Your Answers

After completing the test, be sure to review every mistake you made as well as every question you got correct. Doing so will help you to learn from your mistakes and will let you know your strengths, and help you find where you stand and where you really need to work hard. Remember it is important to work on quality of learning rather than giving importance to the quantity.

Hope this will help you practice on the ACT. For more information on ACT preparation, click here.


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