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IBDP Economics

THIS BLOG INCLUDES: 1.Syllabus Outline: HL & SL 2.IBDP Economics Course Description 3.IBDP Economics Curriculum Model Overview (SL) 4.IBDP Economics Curriculum M... Read More >

All About IBDP Geography

IBDP geography curriculum is under the Group 3 Individuals and Societies subject choices. IB Geography deals with the real world, and focuses on the relationship bet... Read More >

All About IGCSE Business Studies

THIS BLOG INCLUDES: 1.IGCSE Business Studies Syllabus Outline 2.IGCSE Business Studies Content Overview 3.IGCSE Business Studies Assessment Outline 4.IGCSE Business ... Read More >

All about IGCSE Chemistry

THIS BLOG INCLUDES: 1.What is IGCSE? 2.Why IGCSE? 3.What is Chemistry? 4.IGCSE Chemistry 5.Subject Content 6.Assessment Objectives What is IGCSE? IGCSE stands for th... Read More >

All About IGCSE Biology

Cambridge IGCSE Biology directs in inoculating skills to deal with practical problem solving and in developing scientific temperament for the learners. The course he... Read More >

All about IGCSE Geography

Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460) syllabus are designed to develop an understanding of human environment, natural environment, and economic development. It also enhances lif... Read More >