Which SAT Coaching Institute is Best Suited for Me? What are the Points I Should Consider While Selecting One?

Best SAT Coaching Institute

Students who take the SAT in the spring of 2020 will encounter a re-designed test that is more transparent and curriculum-based and a better measure of students’ readiness to college and workforce programs than ever before.  The thrust, according to the College Board website, is to make students understand not only the what but also the why of this flagship college readiness and assessment test called the SAT. The SAT in its re-designed form will boast of near accuracy of student assessment and readiness to college and of student success in post-secondary education.

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Students who are on the lookout for coaching institutes that will prepare them for the SAT will bear in mind that the SAT is changing its look, and the institute they eventually decide to join must have an active research and development section that imbibes the new parameters of teaching and instruction as seamlessly as possible. The first institute that comes to one’s mind is Manya-The Princeton Review. Manya-The Princeton Review advantage is that it guarantees at least a 400 point increment in the score of its students. The institute also offers 8 SAT mock tests of the current SAT test profile. Students take these tests in the duration of the 6-week program they enroll. Test reviews happen regularly and study plans are chalked out under the able guidance of expert teachers.

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The following points need to be considered while choosing an Institute that is best suited to you.


  1. Longevity:  Coaching Institutes that have been around for several years and have churned out successful scorers who have gained admissions into Top colleges such as the Ivy League colleges are good institutes to consider. Also, they would know the product inside out and be geared to introduce the changes as effectively as possible.
  2. Score guarantee:  While it is impossible for any SAT coaching institute to guarantee the best possible score, it is important that coaching institutes record a significant improvement in score from the diagnostic test the student takes at the time of the admission into the SAT online course and the score that he/she gets on the real SAT.
  3. Multiple mock tests: Institutes that offer a battery of mock tests under proctored conditions such as proper invigilation and time proctoring should be considered without any hesitation. SAT is a pencil paper test and it is best that students simulate the test experience in the right manner so that they do not develop the test jitters that most students face on the day of the real test.
  4. Course programs:  SAT coaching programs can go on for several months or can get over in about 20 days; it always depends on the student’s time availability and learning curve. Some Institutes says, Manya-The Princeton Review offers One on One programs and Home tutoring that is much desired by students who are otherwise engaged in sports or engaged in learning music, dance or any of the fine arts, and find it difficult to attend the regular programs at the center. It is good to go to such institutes that offer the right fit.


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