Upcoming Hubs for Study Abroad in 2023


From Artificial Intelligence to Yoga as a subject of study, schools and colleges across the globe have diversified in scope when it comes to university studies. The plethora of courses offered has opened up some promising ‘study abroad hubs. Chosen in no particular order, the following destinations can be regarded as the best places to study abroad in 2022.

The Netherlands

A sneak peek into the flat land of The Netherlands and one gets to see more than just tulips and dairy. Internationally recognized universities offering courses in Mathematics, Agriculture, Law, Engineering, and the Natural Sciences have made the Netherlands a popular destination for a comprehensive study abroad experience. Also, students settle here after the stipulated education period as the Netherlands is quickly becoming one of the best countries to study and settle in.

New Zealand

‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’, New Zealand boasts of having the top universities in the world and has the added advantage of floating the lowest tuition fees. Being one of the best places to study abroad, the islands are quickly gaining in popularity as one of the most preferred destinations of students because of its great outdoors.


If your priorities lie in attaining an education in some of the top universities of the world and enjoying a rather high quality of life, then Canada beckons! The high standard of living extends to an exceptional university experience, low tolerance to any form of discrimination, and a particularly high degree of progressive thinking among the international students’ community.


The exquisite multi-cultural architecture, the lofty domes, and the Doric to the Ionic and Corinthian pillars that have stood the test of time, Spain is truly a feast for the senses. International students of architecture, design, fine arts, music, art history, archaeology, and theatre prefer this popular destination as ground zero for exploring their inner self while gaining a degree and a study abroad experience at the same time! As if that were not already enough, Spain is home to the world-famous Flamenco dance and music, bullfights, and sun-kissed beaches.


Europe’s second cousin, Ireland has emerged as a fast-paced economic power because of its commitment to a high degree of excellence in the field of education. As a trending ‘study abroad’ destination, Ireland draws from its students’ creativity, practicality, and variety. In terms of higher education, there are a myriad of choices in the fields of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Business, or Literature to choose from. The rolling countryside, the bustling cities (especially the capital city of Dublin), as well as the rich social and cultural fabric of life, draws a large number of Indian students to explore the land of poets and bards.


Students with an undying passion for design, art history, architecture, business, and the culinary sciences make a beeline for France, the go-to destination for culture and history. The international students’ academia accounts for 10% of the student population and this number is constantly on the rise. From fashion by Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel to mainstream programs on data analytics, banking, and finance management and mechatronics, French universities are increasingly being flocked by the new age tutees. Internships are integrated into the curriculum so that students have an edge during job hunts.


Top universities, scholarships, fee subsidy options, safety, and cleanliness partnered with exotic locales, a variety of cuisines, theme parks, and flamboyant shopping arcades have helped this tiny island nation in South-East Asia to rise to the level of being one of the best countries to study abroad. Known for the trending exodus of students from all over the globe, Singapore will continue as a rising educational hub in 2022.

Hong Kong

Metropolitan in outlook, multicultural in approach, and bustling with state-of-the-art research networks, Hong Kong is home to five of the 100 globally acclaimed top universities. The picturesque modern infrastructure, excellent public transport, zero tolerance to racial discrimination, the handy Octopus card for payments, global reach for meaningful travel, and international renown for being a financial hub has placed Hong Kong on the map.


Emphasis on scientific research, innovation, high-quality education, and a vast diversity in courses offered makes Australia one of the most sought after study abroad destinations (only trailing behind age old destinations like the US and the UK). Students are permitted to work twenty hours a week to iron out the living expenses and gain valuable work experience. International students armed with a degree of repute are held in high esteem and are much sought after in the job market due to the credibility of the universities, state-of-the-art technology, and modern know-how. From deep-sea diving to surfing, the work-life balance from a students’ perspective cannot get better while living down under!


Having ‘Universities’ and ‘University colleges’, Sweden offers degrees at the bachelors and masters levels. Weightage is given to teamwork irrespective of culture, gender, or ideology. Sustainability, environmental issues, and innovation are at the core of Swedish education as it calls for independence, creativity, and a pragmatic thought process. Sweden offers high-quality engineering, medicine, law, and business courses along with music, art history, photography, all served up amidst the picturesque midnight sun of the summers and the celestial northern lights of the winters!


So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and jump on the study abroad bandwagon at the earliest.

With the above guide to trending new ‘study abroad’ destinations of 2022, students have an options to decide a place of study, courses of interest, and relevant funding options to make an impacting career move that will ensure a safe future and a happy life.

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