Understanding the Importance of GRE Practice Tests

The test series for the revised GRE is important for your GRE preparation. Taking a full-length practice test gives you a realistic approach to ace the test. The best way to prepare for the exam is by taking the GRE mock so you are ready for your big day. Preparing right for the exam takes a lot into account; it’s not just about approaching the GRE test series whereas, to figure out your mistakes and improve your GRE score.

Now the question is which is the best test series to approach? So, before taking the test you need to understand how important these test series are and how can they affect your GRE score. Well, the answer is that the full-length practice tests are a very important component of any GRE Test preparation. Taking such tests helps you to know your strengths and weakness to ace the test. Here are the factors that you should take into account while selecting a good “Test series” for such practice:

1.    The content: The test should cover all the topics tested on the GRE.

2.    The structure: The test should have the same structure as the real GRE. For example, it should have the same number of sections and same number of questions well distributed over the various topics.

3.    The Test features: The test should have the same features as available on the GRE. For example, it should have a dropdown calculator, the “mark and review” feature, etc.

4.    The scoring algorithm: The test should have a similar scoring algorithm as on the real GRE.

GRE-PreparationEvery student should take the GRE Power prep tests as these are very close simulations of the real test. There are several test prep companies such as Manya-The Princeton Review who provide GRE test series with most of these features. It will be a good idea to take about 10 to 12 full-length practice tests before taking the real GRE. However, taking these tests should be spread over a reasonable length of time such as two to three months.

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