Top 5 Reasons To Take IELTS


Before understanding the IELTS benefits you need to first understand what IELTS is. IELTS- International English Language Testing System is a standardized test of English and is usually taken by non-native speakers of the English language. A good IELTS score is one of the major perquisites if you are a student planning to study in countries such as Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The test managed by the British Council is one of the major English language tests in the world and is beneficial for the students planning study abroad. Let us have a look at some benefits & top 5 reasons to take IELTS:

1. The first step for going abroad

Achieving a good IELTS score fulfills one of the conditions of studying in countries such as Canada and Australia. Like mentioned earlier, students with good IELTS score have already fulfilled one of the conditions of studying in countries where English is the first language.

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2. IELTS is accepted worldwide

The IELTS score is accepted in nearly 135 countries over 9000 organizations around the world. IELTS score is a proof that one is capable of communicating in the English language.

3. Improves your English skills

The IELTS exams are designed in such a way that it becomes easier for the individuals to test their knowledge of English against native English speakers enabling you to learn the language and improve your language proficiency.

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English24. British and American English covered

Many non-native speakers of the language are not sure about the concept of American English vs. British English. A student taking IELTS becomes aware of both types of English and is able to judge the difference between the both at the basic level.

5. Gives you a real-time experience

The Test is designed to incorporate real-life situations and has a speaking section involving a face to face meeting with an examiner. It is a private meeting between the candidate and the examiner. It is an ideal situation enabling you to deal with the real-time challenges you might face while studying abroad.






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