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Top 5 countries where you can work while studying

Study-Abroad-NewIf you are planning to work while studying abroad then it can be a great way to reduce your financial burden. You can also help your parents by supporting them with the money you earn. To work while studying gives you an opportunity to gain some interesting experiences and exposures that not only help you to grow professionally but also evolves you as a person giving you a benefit to explore and earn.

Let us have a look at some of a few rewarding part-time jobs that Indian students can take while studying in different countries:

USA: As per the visa guidelines for the students studying in the USA, there is a cap of 20 hours of work per week andstudy-in-USA-New1 any part-time job can only be held on campus, except in exceptional cases. Still, the opportunities are endless to make money while studying at a good university so, keep trying for the roles such as library monitor or teaching assistant.

Canada: When it comes to working part-time in Canada the stipulations of the Canadian visa are quite similar to the American visa. However, there is still an opportunity to work part-time and study in Canada and the translators are in demand. You can also choose to work at the restaurants and libraries in Canada.

United Kingdom: Usually, the foreign students pursuing studies in the United Kingdom are allowed to work for 20 hours in a week and are allowed to work full time during the university vacations. If you are a student pursuing a short-term course then you are most likely not permitted to work while studying in UK. You can look for other part-time options so that you are able to earn while completing your studies.

Study-in-AustraliaSingapore: It is one of the most popular countries, especially for Indian students, helping them to pursue their higher studies. If you are a student interested in earning money during your study in Singapore, then you are allowed to work for 16 hours a week.

Australia: If compared to other countries, the academic expenses in Australia are much lower but the living expenses are at par. You are permitted to work for 40 hours during term time and for unlimited hours during vacation time.


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